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2 More fusions to love: City Loft and Floralia Fusion

Hey there, makers!

The hectic holiday season is in full swing but we just had to take a break from all the gift making to show you the new additions to our Fusions bite-sized collections. Quilters, sewists, and all around crafty friends, we’re happy to show you Floralia and City Loft Fusions! Like all the other Fusions, both of these collections contain 10 prints from many of our designers that have been recolored to be part of conceptual themes.

Best of all, both of these collections have two prints in knits and one in rayon! So, let’s see what both of these Fusions are all about.

City Loft Fusion

If bold colors and funky geometrics are your thing, the metropolitan chic style of City Loft Fusion will add eye catching details to your projects. Can you envision a quilt made with the saturated plums and oranges from this fusion? How about some trendy pillows and placemats? No matter what you make, we’re sure it will be chic.

Featured designers: Pat Bravo, Bonnie Christine, Katarina Roccella, Bari J., and AGF Studio


Floralia Fusion

Is your home filled with greenery? Do you have a thing for botanical inspired things? If yes, Floralia is the collection you’ve been waiting for! This fusion is filled with lush greens, fresh yellows, and hints of fuchsia that enhance sophisticated floral prints. Just imagine all the bags, quilts, and pretty dresses you can make!

Featured designers: Pat Bravo, Sharon Holland, Bari J., Maureen Cracknell, Bonnie Christine


Now that you’ve gotten acquainted with the new additions to our Fusions, check out the newest lookbook! Get inspired by lovely quilts, modern home decor ideas, garments and much more!



If you’re thinking of making a fresh quilt for your loved ones this soliday season, check out the two FREE QUILT PATTERNS designed with prints from each fusion.


Download Flutter free quilt pattern



Download Metropolitan free quilt pattern


Last but not least, if you want an early Christmas gift try your luck by entering our giveaway. Have a chance to win a bundle of Floralia and City Loft Fusions!



To enter simply fill the form below. Giveaway ends December 26th. Good luck!


I hope you’re just as excited as we are to sew with the new Fusions! Let me know in the comments which projects from the lookbook you like the most.


Happy Sewing! 



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Top 6 Party Dresses: Sew your own Holiday Party Dress

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DIY Quilty Holiday Ornaments

Happy Holidays Everyone, 

 In need of some new ornaments for your tree this year? Instead of heading to the store this holiday season DIY some Quilty Holiday Ornaments by following along with our new tutorial up on the weallsew blog. We made our ornaments with AGF's first holiday fabric collection, Little Town fabrics! Which ornament is your favorite? It's hard to choose but I am really loving the tree with decorative stitches! 


Want to get your hands on some winter fabric? We put together a fantastic bundle of fabrics to get you in the holiday spirit! Head over to the weallsew blog for a fabric bundle giveaway!

Have fun making these ornaments for you and for family and friends! 



Bountiful Minis from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild

Hey there, makers!

 How’s everything? It’s insane how it’s already the ending of the year. Before 2017 comes to a close, I’m here to showcase three wonderful makers from a long overdue recap. At AGF we love partnering with quilt guilds and makers for different activities. So, from May to September we paired up with the Portland Modern Quilt Guild and our designer Sharon Holland to host the Bountiful Mini Quilt Challenge.

The participants were asked to create a “modern mini quilt” inspired by rustic elementsthat complement the homey and earthy feel of Bountiful fabrics by Sharon Holland. We provided 24 of the guild members 10 fat quarters from the collection and we let everyone’s creativity run free.

Here are some the mini’s from the participants:

Bountiful minis

We were in awe by how creative makers got with their mini quilts. Choosing three winners was so difficult! But after long deliberation between the AGF team and Sharon we chose these three:


1st Place - Alis Volat Propriis by Maddison Stapleton


The detail in the foundation paper piecing is out of this world! Everyone agreed that this beautiful image of a bird made out of Bountiful fabrics was a winner. Check out Maddison’s story behind the quilt.

“When I read the details on the Bountiful fabric line, it immediately reminded me of summers spent on the Sandy River, sitting on the back porch of a cabin, listening to the river rush by while the birds flew between the trees. I really wanted to try creating my own foundation paper piecing. After sketching up several designs, I used the program Quilt Assistant to create my final pattern. Once it was pieced, I decided to hand quilt the bird (since I just had to give myself another new thing to learn), and then machine quilted radiating lines around it. My favorite aspect of the final mini quilt is the use of the letter G from the Art Gallery Fabric logo to create they eye of the bird”.


2nd Place - Overflow by Kimberly Lumapas


The curves in Kimberly’s mini had us completely mesmerized, not to mention that she used Bountiful in a contrasting way. This is what inspired Kimberly to make this quilt.

“I heard the word bountiful and saw the farm on the prints. It makes me think of overabundance, and with an overabundance of anything, I feel the need to share. Share with my family, my friends, my neighbors. I made a quilt of interconnecting circles because the more people we feel connected to, the more people we would want to "share the wealth" with. None of the circles in my quilt could exist without the other. Each relies on the piece next to it to be complete, just as people lean on each other. We are interdependent by necessity, and by choice”.


3rd Place - Windsong by Ruthie Windsong


This mini by Ruthie beautifully represents a windmill that’s commonly seen in vast fields. It really showed the essence of Sharon’s Bountiful collection. Take a look at what inspired Ruthie.

“I was inspired by the photos on the Pinterest board depicting distance and beautiful things growing. I pictured homesteads with windmills surrounded by fields of crops, and old barns and covered bridges with knotholes in the wood with sunlight streaming through them. The center of the mini is an appliquéd Dresden that represents the windmill placed on the coral that I see as wheat blowing in the wind. The partial Dresdens on the corners represent the covered bridges,

and most of the blades have cutout holes like old barn wood. I added a few fussy cut flowers, like wildflowers growing randomly, and the blue and green quarter square background triangles draw the eye towards the center like a dirt road running towards the horizon”.


I hope you’ve gotten inspired by the beautiful mini quilts that were made for this challenge. To read more about it, check out the Portland Modern Quilt Guild’s website. Feel free to let me know which mini quilt you liked the most and what are some of the activities your local modern quilt guild hosts. 


Til next time!