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More Capsules Collections Coming Your Way: Campsite & Raise the Volume

Hey Makers!

What’s new? Here in South Florida, it’s bright, sunny, and we’re back to our “normal” weather of 80 degrees (compared to 50 degree “cold” we’ve been having). Which means it’s the perfect time for picnics and even camping trips! Are you a fan of camping?

Here at AGF we sure are! There’s something so adventurous about building your own tent, exploring hiking trails, roasting marshmallows, and sharing stories around a fire. We love this life of adventure so much that we decided to create a Capsule collection dedicated to camping. It’s called Campsite!

Capsules collage- campsite

Campsite is filled with glowing fireflies, curious woodland creatures, and flowing feathers over a fresh color palette of deep teal, greens, blush and burnt sienna. This collection is great for children’s projects, fun pillows, funky novelties, and of course quilts!

But the fun doesn’t stop there! We have a second Capsule for you to sew with. If you’re a fan of low-volume fabrics to use as blenders, you’re going to love Raise the Volume!

Capsules collage- raise the volume

Raise the Volume consists of crisp lines, abstract shapes, and eccentric typography over subtle variations of white to beautifully blend with anything you sew. This Capsule collection is like blank canvas that can be enlivened with bright solids, a variety of AGF collections, and even denim!

I invite you to the check out the lookbook that’s filled with tons of projects you can make with these bite-sized collections. Get ready to be inspired by stunning quilts, pillows, garments, and projects you never knew could be sewn!




Make sure to take advantage of the free quilt patterns that are available!

Capsules Campsite Quilt FREE_web

Download the Moonlit Camp Free Quilt Pattern

Capsules Raise the Volume Quilt Free_web

Download the Acoustic Free Quilt Pattern

Last but not least, remember to enter the giveaway!

Giveaway graphic

Fill the form below for a chance to win a bundle of Campsite fabrics AND Raise the Volume fabrics! Giveaway ends February 23rd. Good Luck!

I hope you’re as excited as we are about these Capsules bite-sized collections!


Till the next release! 



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Boho Love: 5 Ways You Can Get Your Walls Ready For Spring

March is close by and with it comes spring, bright colors, and boho-inspired everything! 

Just like the season, the house gets brighter and warmer too! So let's bring out the inspiration because this spring season I will be guiding you on how to style up those walls and splash them with some colors and the spirit of boho.




Bedrooms become vibrant with original quilty projects, such as this one! How amazing would it be to sleep under this bed arch? Not only would these colors become the focal point of your room, but it would add that boho-spring touch. If you think this type of accessory wouldn't fit your aesthetic, we definitely recommend making it and gifting it to someone you know loves anything boho! I know I would love to receive something like this. Make sure to click here for the bed top tutorial.



Indie Folk Fabrics by Pat Bravo



Mandalas are known as a symbol of spirituality and many people surround themselves with them as they feel like it brings peace and good vibes to their home. The mandala design also can be done in so many different ways and still look original. By switching between sizes, colors, and frames, you can explore the infinite possibilities of quilting with it. Below we show you two types, a big and prominent one created within a square frame and a more small and discreet mini quilt that maintained the rounded shape of a mandala. Whichever you pick, the feeling is the same so go ahead and incorporate those boho vibes into your home! 

Click here to follow the step by step tutorial to create this mandala quilt! 



JoyFul Fusion Fabrics by AGF Studio

  If you are more into this type of mandala make sure to follow this link to access this mandala mini quilt!


Wild Bloom Fabrics By Bari J.


Another quilted masterpiece you can bring into your home this spring season is this amazing wall art piece from one of our newest lookbooks. The delicate hanging string and the fringed trim make this decorative item a great accessory to hang anywhere without needing to do much more. For this one, in particular, we combined solid color from our Pure Elements collection, but if you are feeling extra colorful we suggest you drown it in prints! Because more is more right? :) We think so! Click here to access the wall art pattern! 


Love-Story-Quilt-FREE-10Love Story Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell



Start a trend and get those dreams ready for Spring too. A decorative dream catcher as wall art gets extra boho points since it's functional and pretty at the same time! This also makes up for an amazing gift. This simple quilted piece hangs around an embroidery hoop for an easy hang, so if this project caught your eye, make sure to get the pattern for this cute dream catcher here! 

  Soulful-Pillows -Dreamcatcher -Puff-5

Soulful Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell 


And our old time favorite, quilts! When a butterfly is included it in, you know you have to hang it- especially because a butterfly means transformation and what better time to bring on this symbol than when seasons are changing? and while you're at it we suggest adding a cute ribbon trim of your choice. We went with pom poms because, how boho does this trim look? To find out how you can make this butterfly quilt pattern click here!


Winged by Bonnie Christine


I hope all of these projects got you in the mood for some boho inspired spring projects- especially the mandalas since they can be made in so many different ways. Hope to read what you all made in the comments :)


Decor away...




Sewing with Rayon- How to get the most out of a Panel Fabric

Hi Everyone, 

Spring is near and we are ready for easy breezy outfits! AGF Rayon is our go to fabric to create flowy, easy to wear silhouettes. Which is why we are super excited about our New Campsite Rayon Panel Print called  “Feather Trail” !

Making panel prints on apparel fabrics is quite new for us and we are excited about all the ways  it can be used to create fun, interesting garments. I wanted to share all the fantastic ways we utilized  the “Feather Trail” panel to create so many fresh, new looks.


Click here to view the Lookbook to find all patterns featured in this blog post!


1. Bomber Jacket




Lightweight breathable jackets are essential for Spring and going into summer. To create this look we strategically placed our pattern pieces to showcase the beautiful feather design located on either side of the panel.




We centered both our sleeve patterns to have the feathers fall directly down the length of the arm. To incorporate  more of the feathering detail into our jacket we decided to create two back jacket pieces, lining the center backs along the inner edge of feathers. When you sew up the two center back pieces it will give you a lovely mirrored effect. The rest of the pattern pieces were placed in the rich dark green center of the panel.


2.  The Out and About Dress

Capsules Campsite Dress 1

The Out and About Dress is a basic go to style that has become a staple in my wardrobe. All of mine are made with varies knit prints from AGF. For the lookbook we mixed two of my favorite substrates. (AGF Knit and Rayon!) A super soft knit bodice with a airy gathered skirt bottom. The feathers are a  gorgeous way to add the right amount of  embellishment to any hem line! ;)


3. Caftan



For those days where every outfit you try on just doesn’t feel right, head for a caftan made with AGF Rayon!  

 One of the very first things I sewed for myself was a Caftan because there is very minimal sewing involved and the boxy silhouette gives you beautiful drape for days!  ;) It makes for a easy to throw on dress, a could substitute for a tunic and you could pair it with leggings.  

 Check out this fun tutorial to learn how to cut out this cute cute look!


 4. Peasant Style Dress 

Campsite Dress Rayon 1

 I love the boho flair of a  peasant style blouse or dress. The carefree and relaxed nature of this style is perfect for weekend and travel wear! We incorporated the feather detail on the bottom skirt and used the solid dark green section of the panel for the remainder of our pattern pieces.  The cute cinched waist and arm details along with the flattering boat neck and tie embellishment is an ideal outfit when you want to feel comfy but look cute! 


 5. Bat Wing Blouse

      Capsules Campsite Top & Pants 6


This relaxed fitting blouse is all you will want to wear come the hot summer months. The cut of this blouse allows you to utilize more of the those lovely feathers from the “ Feather Trail” Panel.

The end result had us jumping up and down. For both of the side front bodice pieces we lined up the inner edge of the pattern to the inner edge of the feathers. We used the solid green center for the center front section of the blouse and I love how the pattern piece tapers down to the bottom hem.

For both of the center back pieces we also incorporated the feather detail.

 I love how the feathers drape over the front bodice and continues over the shoulders and down the back of the blouse.  


Are you ready to sew with our New Rayon Panel fabric?! To share our joy with sewing with panels we are having a. Rayon Panel GIVEAWAY! 

Giveaway ends Wednesday, Feb 28th ! 

Enter the GIVEAWAY below :) 


Panel prints are so much fun to sew with and we offer a variety of cotton panels along with some knit ones as well. 

Our Panel prints are great for quilters because most of our designs offer great border motifs, large scale artwork perfect for quilt backings, and elements substantial enough to fussy cut for pillow tops.  

 Home decor lovers try making picture perfect wall hangings and curtains to tie your whole room together.     


Can't wait to see what all you lovely makers make! Share your ideas for sewing with panels fabric below.  


Happy Sewing, 



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The Community Sampler hosted by Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell

Hello wonderful makers!

How ya doin’? As you all know, here at AGF we love it when the sewing community gets together to share their creativity. This is why I got so excited when our designers Maureen Cracknell and Sharon Holland told me about their next big sew along, the Community Sampler!

Do you remember when they hosted the Sewcial Bee Sampler last year? It was a quilting sensation! Tons of quilters from all over the world got together via social media every week to sew up 25 blocks for the final sampler quilt.

The response to the Sewcial Bee was so amazing that Maureen and Sharon decided to host another sew along this year. The first PDF of the Community Sampler will be released on February 21st on Maureen and Sharon’s blogs, so make sure to take part from the beginning. Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram, @sharonhollanddesigns and @maureencracknell to get all the updates about the sampler.

Now for the most exciting part of the sampler! Giveaways! Like the last one, Maureen and Sharon will be hosting tons of weekly giveaways and guess what? AGF is one of their sponsors so they’ll be many ways to win some fabrics for your stash. ;)

So, now that you know all about the Community Sampler make sure to join the party and make an epic quilt! Don’t forget to share your blocks with the hashtag #CommunitySampler. Stay tuned to see the upcoming blocks!


Till next time,