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Valentine's Day Printables with <3 from AGF
Dreamscape Pillow Free Pattern by Pat Bravo

The Countdown Begins

AGF Limited Edition. This is the big announcement we revealed last week but gave you little else to go by. Today, as we're inching closer and closer to its March 5th release, we want to charm you with another teaser.  
Here are the secret faces of Limited Edition's first team of collaborators. 
We reached out to them pursuing an answer. "What gap would you like to see filled in the fabric industry?" These talented women gave us illuminating answers from their individual areas of expertise. 
And now, this group of three designers/sewers/makers are ushering in the Limited Edition concept for AGF, bringing with them very distinct styles that will triumph together with the spirit of our brand. 
Mark your calendars for March 5th!
- AGF Team