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Let's Talk Fabric: How to Reupholster a Chair

Hello DIYers, 

Welcome to another episode of Let's Talk Fabric an AGF series showcasing videos featuring DIY Home Decor projects! In today's episode, we found an old chair in serious need of some makeover. We liked the frame, but hated the cushion- so watch the video below to see everything we went through to make this chair worthy of sitting again! 



For this project, we focused on bringing life back to a forgotten chair that needed some extra love. We wanted to keep some elements in order to maintain its original charm, while still modernizing it. We went with some geometric shapes, so they would contrast with the curvy structure of the frame, giving the final project a more chic look. The print used is called Flipped Semicircles from the Take Shape collection. To find a store near you make sure to click here. 


Keep in mind that for this particular project, directions may vary since a vintage chair will always be different! But, regardless of what project you would like to upgrade, don't be scared- anything old looks pretty amazing with a brand new print. Leave me a comment telling me your experience :) 


Decor away...




Happy New Year and to more sewing with the AGF Quilt Block Collection

Hey There Makers, 

How was your New Year celebration? There is something fun and exhilarating about starting a new year! It's the time where we think of the things we need to work on and what direction we want to go. Setting goals are a great way to get organized about what you want to happen in your life. The important thing to remember is to take baby steps to achieve your goals and don't stress to much about it. One of my 2018 goals are to buy less and sew more. Before I go ahead and buy that pillow, blanket, scarf, outfit, necklace, whatever it may be, I am going to ask myself can I make this and if the answer is yes, I am going to walk away from the item. I will keep you posted through the year on my progress. Comment below and share with me your New Year Resolutions. Today I want to share with you block Number 29 in the AGF Quilt Block Collection, the Union Square Block featuring Love Story Fabrics.  I love the"Lovebirds Amber" print in the center of my block. I also am a big fan of the square within a square look and the hst's on each of the corners adds a nice pop and finishing touch. I definitely see me turning this block into a sweet decorative pillow for my sofa. 


Don't forget about our monthly AGF Quilt Block Contest on Instagram where two winners are chosen every month. All you have to do is make a block from the collection with AGF Fabrics and post on Instagram with the hashtag #AGFQuiltBlockCollection.  I hope to see more of your blocks in 2018! 

Watch the video below to make the Union Square block! 





Romance is in the air with Love Story fabrics by Maureen Cracknell

Hey there, fab makers!

First of all, Happy New Year! I hope that 2018 is filled with tons of great things for you! The AGF team is back to the office with energy and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve prepared for you this year. We’re starting the year strong with a look book release you’re truly going to fall IN LOVE with. Beautiful makers, we present to you Love Story fabrics by Maureen Cracknell.

This has to be one on the most romantic collections I’ve ever seen! Bright reds, classy teals, blues, and hints of blush grace each design to create a heartwarming feel. Maureen, will take make you feel like a hopeless romantic with every stitch you sew.


What makes this collection, even more interesting is that Maureen shows us that love isn’t only about love birds and flowers. Through some of the bold geometric designs she added to the collection, Maureen visualizes how love can edgy and tough yet everlasting. Plus they add a nice contrast to the rest of the prints!


So, are  you ready to create your own love story with these beautiful prints? Yes? Well, catch a dose of inspiration with the Love Story lookbook! Get ready to indulge in romantic quilts, boho inspired garments, and much more.



Make sure to download the X&O’s free quilt pattern and sew it just in time for Valentine’s day!


 For those of you who love sketching out your projects and creating your own patterns, we’ve made a list of coordinating blenders that go well with Love Story. Aren’t they yummy?


Last but not least, if you can’t wait to have this collection in your sewing room don’t forget to enter the giveaway!   


Enter by simply filling the form below. Giveaway ends January 15th. Good luck!

We can’t wait to see all the things you’ll make with Love Story!


Happy Sewing!




Congrats, Cindy Shelley! You've won the bundle of Love Story fabrics. Please check your email.

Let's Talk Fabric: DIY Knot Pillow

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to Let's Talk Fabric, our Youtube series for DIY home decor projects. Today we want to share with you, a very simple way to make a creative pillow. A knot pillow consists of making a tube of fabric, stuffing it with poly-fil, sewing the end and mold it till it becomes knotted. Without further ado, see for yourself the step by step tutorial!

Lets Talk Fabric - knot pillow  pinterest

For this project, we played around with our knits! This type of fabric is stretchy making it more malleable for this type of pillow making. The fabrics used are part of different collections: The stripes you see featured came from our Striped Knit Collection which came out this month! The red pillow is from our Knit Solids Collection called, Saffron and the grey is Graphite.



This pillow is a fun and easy way of filling up an empty couch or chair- or maybe for that one person you still have to give a present to. Let me know what you think of this project in the comment section and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more videos like this one :) 


Decor away...



Top 10 Must Make Quilt Blocks from the AGF Quilt Block Collection

Hey there Quilty Friends, 

 How was everyone's holiday? I had a blast visiting my family in Minnesota but very thankful to back in the sunny state of Florida. The holiday season isn't over yet though, it's time to celebrate the New Year! For those of you that have been following along with the AGF Quilt Block Collection we have introduced 21 new blocks this year and we are super excited to bring you more fun block tutorials in 2018. Today I would like to share the Top 10 Must Make Blocks of 2017.  Below you will find all the details on how you can make some of these blocks to add to your quilt block resume. 


(From top to bottom, left to right)

Join in on the quilt block fun and sew up a block from the AGF Quilt Block Collection! Make your block with AGF Fabrics and post your creation on Instagram with the hashtag #AGFQuiltBlockCollection to be entered to win a  fat quarter bundle of AGF's Latest New Collection! Two winners are chosen every month! Don't forget to tell all your quilty friends! 

Top 10 Must Make Blocks

  1. Squares and Diamond Block made with Dollhouse Fabrics
  2. SeeSaw Block made with Floralia Fusion
  3. Endless Squares Block made with Esoterra Fabrics 
  4. Shooting Star Block made with Indie Folk Fabrics
  5. Maltese Star Block made with Wild Bloom Fabrics
  6. Single Irish Chain Block made with Lambkin Fabrics
  7. Morning Star Block made with Spices Fusion
  8. Prairie Home Block made with Blush Fabrics
  9. Crossed Canoes Block made with Le Vintage Chic Fabrics
  10. Granny Square Block made with Soulful Fabric

Watch video below to find your next quilting project! 

Happy Sewing,


How to make a Squares and Diamonds Quilt Block Tutorial featuring Dollhouse Fabrics

Hello Quilty Friends, 

Can you believe it's almost 2018! My mom always used to tell me time goes by fast when your having fun, which is absolutely right! This year has been such a blast sewing with so many great new fabric collections and creating fun free sewing patterns for all of you who follow AGF! Thank you for all your wonderful comments throughout the year! We can't wait to share more of our passion for fabric and sewing in 2018! To end the year off right I want to share the Squares and Diamonds Block  featuring Dollhouse Fabrics



Follow along with the video below to make the Squares and Diamonds Block. Make sure to share your quilt block creations with AGF fabric collections on Instagram using the #AGFQuiltBlockCollection to be entered to win our monthly bundle giveaway.