How to sew knit nursing cover - Sew Crafty tutorial. Learn how to make breastfeeding cover with knit fabric in minutes!

Hello makers!

I hope your summer has been great so far.  For me it's a very special summer in my life because my little girl is coming to this world in August. I am so excited and I am trying to prepare the best way I can for her first months. Since I am planning on breastfeeding I realized that making a nursing cover with one of the soft AGF knits would be a great idea! Especially that making it required just one seam! You know that I am fan of easy sewing projects, but this one? Oh well..It amazed me that you can have such a cool, comfy cover in minutes without any advanced sewing skills. Just keep in mind the tips to sewing with knits we published on our blog and you will be just fine! :)


If you are not a new mommy you can successfully wear it as  a regular poncho. You can make it in any color you like. Just take a look at the variety of solid knit fabrics we offer.  Are you ready to sew? Let's watch the quick tutorial and let us know in comments if you liked it.:)

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P.S. If you like the pants from the picture too, those are the ones that we showcased in Indie Boheme Lookbook;) 


Happy Sewing!


Quilting for Beginners- How to Make a Granny Square Block

Hello Everyone, 

Ever feel like no matter how much you try to manage your time you never have enough time to get everything you want accomplished? Most often times we end up not doing things that are important to us because we are busy cleaning, working or taking care of everyone else but ourselves. If your trying to squeeze in a little bit of sewing to your everyday routine I would suggest sewing up a block from the AGF Quilt Block Collection! Most of these blocks are beginner friendly blocks that don't take that long to make. So far the quilt block collection has 19 quilt block videos that you can follow along and make one, two or all of them to create your very own sampler quilt! 


The next addition to the collection is called the Granny Square Block! I like this block because all it consists of are 3 1/2" square sewn together and cut in such a way where it reveals this beautiful patchy x design! Enjoy the video below and make sure to download a copy of the pattern instructions



For those of you following along we would love to see your quilt block creations. Make sure to share your blocks on social media using the hashtag #agfquiltblockcollection

Happy Sewing, 


A Collection for All Makers: Soulful by Maureen Cracknell

Hey Makers!

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a maker? I always thought that people who are creative are special because we’re problem solvers, we’re not afraid to be challenged, and we’re proud to make things from scratch. Although the journey of being a maker is filled with bumps down the road, once your creations are complete the sense of accomplishment you get is priceless!

One collection that truly celebrates these ideas is Soulful by Maureen Cracknell. Maureen combines romantic designs filled with sketched florals, delicate lace details, and deep colors with her signature bohemian aesthetic. Best of all, this collection was designed with all of you makers in mind. Maureen understands the importance of finding your calling and expressing your creativity!

Soulful Clutche 2 2

There’s so many beautiful prints in this collection, but one of my favorites is “Floral Universe.” This lovely print is colored in deep plum, auburn red, and teal making it so elegant. Plus, it comes in knits and rayon too! What’s there not to love?

Floral universe print_knit+rayon

I invite you to indulge in the rest of this collection by exploring the lookbook. You’ll find beautiful dresses, stunning quilts, and tons of sewing patterns.


Make sure to download the “Mandala Dreams” free quilt pattern. This quilt will mesmerize anyone who sees it in your home. ;)

Soulful Quilt 5 1

If you’re looking for the right colors to coordinate with Soulful check out a few blenders we’ve chosen for you.

Soulful blenders

Last but not least, don’t forget to enter our giveaway!

Soulful giveaway graphic

A bundle of Soulful can be yours by simply filling out the form below. Giveaway ends July 13th at 3:00pm est. Good luck!

Are you feeling excited to sew with Maureen’s new collection? So are we! Time to rev up your sewing machines.

Happy sewing!


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Fun Cutting Method - Aztec Block

Hello Fabric Friends, 

Hope you all had a fun July 4th! Today I have a great new quilt block tutorial for you called the Aztec Block! I sewed it up with Arizona After fabrics by April Rhodes which I think was a perfect choice. I am loving the warm earthy tones in this collection and lately it's all I been wanting to sew with! For this tutorial all you need is four different 10" squares of  fabric! 


Follow along with me by watching the video below! Also make sure to download your copy of the pattern instructions


 Looking for more free quilt patterns and great sewing tutorials check out the Arizona After Lookbook for tons of great inspiration. 

In the comments box below let me know what tutorial you would like to see next! 

Happy Sewing, 


Must Make Summer Project - Relax Anywhere Mat Tutorial

Hello Wonderful Makers, 

Summer is here! I can't believe June is over! We are getting into the hot summer days where all you want to do is be at the lake and kick back and relax! I created a must make summer project that I promise you will get a lot of use out of this summer! It's called the Relax Anywhere Mat! Head over to the weallsew blog to find the full tutorial!


I used the amazing blue fabrics from the In Blue fabric collection. The modern fabrics and colors add a refreshing feel to keep you cool in the summer months ahead! This project is a quick make that wont keep you indoors for to long! Make one for everyone in your family to enjoy! 


What is everyone up to this summer? Share your summer adventures below! 



Get inspired with yellow - color of July in AGF Color FUN series!

ColorFun yellow logo


Hello color lovers!

Here in South Florida the sun is shining so bright this summer, that is basically told us what color had to be next in our Color Fun blog series!;)

We decided to give a spotlight to the the luminous and bright color - yellow. It’s the color of hope, happiness, optimism and creativity. We encourage you to bring sunshine to your life with happy yellow fabric prints.

Yellow fabric in home decor sewing

If you're considering redecorating your house for summer - yellow will be your go-to color. Have you been looking for new upholstery fabric for your sofa or chairs? How about bold yellow canvas from Dana’s Willard collection Boardwalk Delight ( C-787 Soda Straws)? Combining yellow with white makes it a little less luminous and more delicate. Also you can combine it with grey if you want to tone down the brightness of yellow. How about sewing some yellow home decor accents like pillows, or rugs to bring life to the home? Also you can choose one of our free quilt patterns and try to make it with yellow fabrics prints. The possibilities are endless!

Yellow fabric in garments sewing

Don’t hesitate to incorporate yellow into your garments this season! No matter your skin tone, yellow is an option for everyone. Yellow is a primary color, which means that it looks great when worn by itself. It’s also the color that captures our attention more than any other color. That’s why sunny yellow from head to toe may seem a little too bold for some of us. You can combine it with complementary - purple or analogous orange and green. (take advantage of the color wheel to become a color matching expert.;))

Notice all the beauty of yellow objects surrounding you: sunflowers, lemons or sun rays... Aren't they so fresh and beautiful? We prepared a little mood board for you to get inspired.


Take a look at the yellow prints we chose for this edition of Color FUN. If you have ever made anything with these prints, remember to send us pictures of your projects to and get a chance to be featured on the AGF blog:)

  Yellow Fabrics graphic1


Capsules by AGF Studio (CAP-L-3007 Love Dream)

Cleta by AGF Studio (CL-30043 Twigged Path Sunlit)

Fantasia by Sarah Lawson (FAN-4075 Equus Crest Shine)

Fiesta Fun by Dana Willard (FFN-13845 Zocalo Lemon) 

Abloom Fusion by AGF Studio (FUS-A-401 Fashion Scent Abloom)

Indie Boheme by Pat Bravo (IBH-74210 Trouvaille Routes Sun)

Joie de Vivre by Bari J. (JOI-79128 Shibori Sun)

Morning Walk by Leah Duncan (MWK-1110 Bare Nopal Gleam) 

Boardwalk Delight by Dana Willard (BWD-787 Soda Straws)

Wonderful Things by Bonnie Christine (WOT-31407 Blooming Brook Sol)





We hope you will start using more yellow hues for your summer sewing projects. If you love this bundle of fabrics you can get it at Fat Quater Shop or try your luck in our Color FUN Giveaway! To participate simply fill out the form below. :) By entering the giveaway you are automatically signed up to our newsletter. :) 


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Happy sewing!


Join April Rhodes for a Weekend Takeover!

Hello, fab makers! 

As you all saw, this week was super exciting because we released April Rhodes’ two new collections: Arizona After and Heritage fabrics! April has us swooning again with her signature style filled with earthy colors and southwestern flair. We definitely had tons of fun making all the inspirational products and quilts for the lookbook.

Take a quick glimpse of some of the things we made in this video:

To make things even more exciting, we’ve invited April to takeover our Instagram this weekend! She’ll be sharing all the things she loves, the inspiration behind her collections, and so much more. Trust me, she is so much fun! During Quilt Market we had the opportunity to hang out and somehow we went down a 10 story slide...yes 10 stories!

April Instagram Takeover graphic

So, stay tuned from Friday evening, June 30th to Sunday, July 2nd to see all the things April has prepared for you. ;)


Til next time,



Let's Talk Baby Shower Gifts: Teething Necklace Tutorial

Hello AGF Lovers!

Have you been watching all the fun little projects that we've come up with for our new video series, Sew Crafty?  They're the perfect thing for when you don't have time to quilt, but just want to make a small fabric project as a change of pace.  Many of them are also great scrap-busters! 

Last post I wrote I showed you how to sew a nursing pillow cover as a gift, but today's gift idea could realistically be made in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show! It is actually a variation of the necklace that we featured in this Sew Crafty Video Tutorial

Teething necklace pinterest graphic

Most of the baby shower gifts a new mom to be receives will be for the newborn to 3 month stage.  You are well prepared with clothes and toys for the first few months, but then the baby shower supplies start to dwindle. When my little guy started teething (seemingly overnight!) I was thankfully prepared due to the foresight of someone that had gifted me teethers.

I quickly learned that a chewing baby was a happier baby so I made my own teething necklaces as well so I always had something on hand to soothe baby's little gums.  Why not stand out from the crowd, look a couple months to the future and gift a teething basket featuring some cute teething necklaces? 

Check out the quick Sew Crafty video below and follow my modifications for this simple teething necklace.

Modifications Made From the Video:

  • I used a 3" x Width of Fabric strip in Cotton.  (Make sure fabric has been washed since baby will be placing in his mouth.  I did once in regular detergent and once in baby safe detergent.)
  • I sewed the seam with TWO of reinforced stitching (the triple straight stitch).
  • I looped the fabric around a 2.5" wooden ring I bought on Etsy.
  • I added 5 wooden beads to either side as in the video.
  • I sewed the ends closed together, tucking one end into the other and turning the raw edges in by 1/4"
  • Ta-da! Finished already!

Search your stash for some great necklace-worthy AGF prints.  Here are couple of my favorites chosen from our beautiful Fusions collections:

Recommended Fabric Choices



This guy can't get enough, haha!

Edited to Add: A quick note on safety- I recommend always checking the fabric and stitches for any wear and tear before giving to baby and only letting baby play with this necklace while you're wearing it or under parental supervision.  I feel confident letting my baby chew on this necklace during our outings as it's not one of his heavily used teething toys, but you know your baby best and if you feel it's safest to omit the wooden beads the necklace would still be cute with just the wooden ring and knots.  Another great option would be to use two layers of fabrics when making the fabric loop so that you can feel extra confident while baby gnaws away like no tomorrow. 

Well, that's all for today but I'll be back with more projects from Babyland. 

Until then, Happy Sewing!


Memories & Southwestern Spirit: Arizona After & Heritage by April Rhodes

Hey there, fab makers!

I hope your summer is going well. This is such a great season because the days are longer, you can do all kinds of outdoor activities and you can take adventurous family trips! One place I’ve always wanted to explore in the summer is the southwest region of the U.S. There’s something about the golden sunsets and vast deserts of this region that peak my curiosity.

Until I plan my trip, I’ll vicariously visit the southwest with the beautiful prints in April Rhodes’ new collection: Arizona After. This collection revisit many of the signature designs in April’s first limited edition collection, Arizona fabrics while expanding the range with new colors and prints. Each print is enhanced with April’s earthy style and warm colors that are completely mesmerizing.

Arizona After & Heritage April Rhodes 9

To complement this range, April is also releasing a second collection called Heritage. This collection consists of only rayon and knit fabrics for all kinds of garment sewing! But what excites me about this collection the most is the beautiful story behind it. Heritage is about April’s biggest inspirations, her father and grandmother. Each print brings to life family mementos that create a story on fabrics.

Arizona After & Heritage April Rhodes 7

Check out this interview with April to hear the lovely story.

Well, now that you’re completely immersed in April’s world I invite you to explore the Arizona After and Heritage lookbook. Get inspired with beautiful garments, bold quilts, and tons of home decor accessories.


What did you think? You can add this modern quilt to your collection by downloading the “Hinterland” free quilt pattern.


Combine your favorite prints from this collection with a few blenders! Check out the coordinating colors that we chose for you. :)

Arizona after elements

And...last but not least, make sure to enter the giveaway!

Giveaway graphic 2

Fill the form below for a chance to win a bundle of Arizona After. Giveaway ends July 5th at 3:00pm EST. Good luck!


I hope you enjoyed exploring April’s new collections. Stay tuned for the next release!

Happy sewing!



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A guide to sewing with knit fabric - Tips and trick you need to know when sewing with AGF knits

Hello Dear Makers!

Do you remember our series of blog post where we explain in detail each AGF substrate? We are sure you mastered already sewing with voile and canvas , so now it's time to learn all tips and tricks to succeed with knit fabric! We created a little cheat sheet for you that you can bookmark and go back to it whenever you want. The good news is you don't need a serger to sew with AGF knits! Just follow the tips below and you will fall in love with this substrate! 



I hope these tips will be useful for you. Let us know in comments if you have ever sewn with AGF knits, and if yes, how was your experience. :)

Happy Sewing!