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Travel Essentials

Hello, wanderlust makers!

Travel essentials info

I can’t believe that summer is almost here and all the kids are on vacation. The best time to be going on roadtrips, exploring different countries, or just going to amusement parks (one of my favorites)! Everyone at our office has been talking a lot about travel lately, I guess we were all bit by the travel bug, haha! My future travel plans are taking a cruise to Mexico in the Fall! With all this travel talk, I was inspired to gather some essential travel items that you can sew for your next adventure!


Here’s my “Top 5 Travel Essentials” that includes free patterns:


#1 Neck Pillow: Is it even possible to sleep on a plane without a neck pillow? I know I can’t! A neck pillow is needed for comfortable rest. You can find the free pattern in the Striped Knits Lookbook and the print is called Striped Alike Aqua.


#2 Passport Holder: Sometimes, it’s easy to make a mess in your travel bag during a trip or even lose something during transit. Here is a solution! This passport holder will protect your passport from anything that might spill in your bag and it will make it easy to recognize. You can make learn to make this in the Mediterraneo Lookbook with the Shell Blaze Night print.


#3 Fanny Pak: Let’s bring back the fanny pak please… I’d especially wear one now with Esoterra fabric! Make this for yourself to satisfy your 80s/90s style using the Dinosaurs print.


#4 Sleeping Mask: It’s hard to sleep with the airplane lights on… solve that with these sleeping masks! Pair this with your neck pillow and you will be set for any ong flight. Find the free pattern in the our Lambkin lookbook and let Sir Wooly comfort you during any trip.


#5 Portside Travel Set: You can’t go on a trip without bringing your stuff! Make this your go-to denim duffle as it’s easy to spot at the baggage claim. This bag was spotted in out Denim Studios lookbook and made with Afternoon Sail print.


If you’re sewing obsessed, who needs to buy these essentials at the store when you can make them yourself?!! Hope these travel essentials inspire you to create something for your next big journey. As always, please feel free to tag us at #artgalleryfabrics if you make any of these projects, I would love to see your creations!


Happy travels,



Natural Wonders: "Signature" Fabric Collection

Hi Makers,

Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed a lovely, Father's Day weekend!

I'm sure a lot of you spent it outside and there's nothing better than being in the great outdoors! (Weather permitting, of course!) Whenever I'm in a bit of a funk or need to gather some inspiration to reset my mind, I love to immerse myself in the natural world. Living here in South Florida, there's such fascinating, tropical wildlife and I always enjoy admiring it while I take my two beagles pups for a long walk, twice a day. I live near a canal so I often see Egyptian geese, Muscovy ducks, blue jay's, cardinals, white ibis, iguanas, turtles, Monarch butterflies, and my favorite, manatees! I'll never stop being in awe of all the flora and fauna here and how it all truly makes you live in the moment, enjoying life's simple pleasures. 

Our designer Sharon Holland’s latest fabric collection “Signature” derives from the natural world, highlighting budding florals, butterflies and forest animals such as deer and foxes. Known for her hand-drawn style, Sharon gathered inspiration from where she grew up in Ohio to create these elegant prints that are perfect for strip-piecing or for circular patterns to replicate “flower petals” in your future quilts, garments and home decor. This collection is filled with a  lovely fusion of "vintage meets modern" in a very elegant way. 

Signature Fabric Bundle 1

Signature_Extempore-Dress-Knit_2 Signature Sarai 2
For more nature-inspired sewing projects with instructions to follow along, click below to view our "Signature" look-book!



Here's our lovely "Sunflower Quilt" for you to create, just click the below link for the FREE quilting pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern


In case you need some ideas for solids, I've also included these blenders for you that can easily coordinate with the nature-inspired prints of "Signature." 


Last but not least as you all know, enter a chance to win this fabulous, fabric bundle by signing up to our giveaway:


 To enter, please fill the form below. Giveaway ends Monday, June, 25nd, 2018. Good luck! 







Fussy Cutting Lovers this Tutorial is for you!

Hey Everyone, 

Summer has come early here in Florida and I already want to spend most of my days inside with the AC or at the beach. I been spending the most of my time lately sewing with Mister Domestic (a.k.a Mathew Boudreaux) new fabric collection, Loved to Pieces! I am so excited to introduce to you my new video tutorial made with Loved to Pieces fabric.  Join me in making the Alabama Block, where I put my fussy cutting skills to the test and have a blast cutting out 1 1/2" squares from the "Anthonem Serene" print! 


This block comes together quickly and  is perfect for beginner quilters. I would love to make a nice lap quilt just using this square and strip method. Check out my mock up below. To fussy cut my 1 1/2" squares I used this awesome clear template plastic from Dritz sewing. It really worked like a dream. Can't wait to use it in more of my sewing tutorials because it comes in super handy. 


Enjoy the video and don't forget to share it with your quilty friends! Leave me a comment below with your favorite project using the fussy cutting technique. It is definitely one of my all time favorite techniques to use. Wan to see more fun quilt block tutorials, check out the AGF Quilt Block Collection Playlist! :)

Happy Sewing, 


AGF Mystery Monday Giveaway - BIG REVEAL!

Hi Makers,

Happy Wednesday! Can't believe we're already in the middle of June, already. To keep your "hump day" exciting and yes, I know you're all patiently waiting for the reveal of what of our first "AGF Mystery Monday" is going to be, the time has finally come!

In case you missed it, we recently launched a NEW GIVEAWAY - AGF Mystery Monday that we'll be hosting once a month where we'll be giving away a MYSTERY BAG (yes, it will have fabric in it and other goodies too) that you can win by entering and guessing what's inside the bag! If you guess correctly, we'll pick you as the WINNER and you'll receive the mystery bag! Each mystery bag every month will have a specific theme, and we'll give you hints as to what's inside the bag. 

Here's the BIG REVEAL to this month's mystery's bag, and without further ado, the "cat's officially out of the bag!" 🐈 


It's all CAT-THEMED fabric this month, and all of this fabric is going to Linda Williamson! Congratulations! :)

In case, you're curious (like a cat) and are wondering where to find this meow-filled fabric, I've listed it out for you, so you can easily find it via our site: 

  1. Quilter's Little Helper (Mint Version)
  2. Needle Finder 
  3. Bird Watcher
  4. Quilter's Little Helper (Pink Version)
  5. Cat Scratches
  6. Only Got Eyes For You
  7. Paws Up 
  8. Patiently Waiting (Mint Version)
  9. Patiently Waiting (Teal Version)

 Stay tuned for next's month "Mystery Monday" and thanks to everyone who participated in this first one! :)

Oh, and let us know if there's a certain theme you'd love to win in a "mystery bag." We always love hearing YOUR ideas! 

Thank you and keep creating,

- Sophia 






Mini Quilt Tutorial- Watermelon Snowcone

Hey Everyone,

Are you ready for summer? Growing up in the cold Midwest all winter long I would dream of summer.  Summer meant no school, days filled with bike riding and being outside enjoy the warm summer sun.  With summer just around the corner it has me wanting to sew with the bright beautiful colors that remind us all of the this amazing sunny season. With Coral being my favorite color to wear in the hot summer months I decided why not make a mini quilt featuring one of AGF's Colormaster Boxes.  The Coraline Edition has a great mix of blenders and focal prints. I am obsessed with the cute dragonfly print which I used for the back of my mini! I love it when your backing turns out just as cute as your quilt top! Hope you have fun making the Watermelon Snow Cone mini, as you dream about all the summer fun you will have with family and friends. 


Fabrics Used

16" Finished Mini

Fabric A- WNG-2027 Plumage Poppy
Fabric B- CTL-59901 Buoyant Vista
Fabric C- MWK-1118 Vitrine Watermarks Glaze
Fabric D- HCF-59308 Sprayed Doodles Coral
Fabric E- PE-408- White Linen
Binding -PE-450 Grapefruit
Backing - NTF- 77905 Nox Iridescence Aglow


Cutting Directions

Eight (8) 2 ½” x 4 ½” strips from Fabric A, B,C, and D

Sixty Four (64) 2 ½” squares from Fabric E


Block Construction

 I love how this mini is to put together because its only one block unit repeated 16 times which creates this super fun zig zag pattern!  To create a unit you will need two 2 ½” x 4 ½” strips from Fabric A and four 2 ½” squares from Fabric E. Draw a diagonal line with a fabric marking pen on the wrong side of all your 2 ½” squares. Place squares on the top of each 2 ½” x 4 ½” strip with the diagonal lines facing in.


Pin your pieces together and sew on the line you drew. Trim your seam allowance to ¼” and press your seams in alternating directions.


Repeat this process with your remaining two squares with the diagonal lines facing in. Sew on the line you drew and trim seam allowance to ¼”. Press seams in alternating directions.


Now sew both of your pieces together making sure seams match. And voila one block unit complete.


Repeat this process fifteen more times with your remaining fabric pieces. Sew similar block units into rows and then sew your rows together to get a cool looking mini like mine!


Now... for my favorite part choosing the thread and backing. I choose the "Nox Iridescence  Aglow" print for my backing!  The dragonflies in this print are so cute and have me thinking of picnics at the park watching them float around in zag zag patterns. I chose a really yummy orangey coral thread to match my fabrics and decided to do a little straight line echo stitching in the white areas of my mini! I varied the width of the lines and I love the final finished look! 



Wanna  see more ways to incorporate this gorgeous color into your everyday sewing check out this blog post we wrote featuring the Coraline Edition Color Master Box. It will definitely get ya into the summer mood! 


Happy Sewing, 


Father's Day Gift Guide

Hello, Makers!

How’s everyone doing today? I hope everyone was happy with their hand-sewn items for Mother’s day! But now, it’s time for all the dads to take the spotlight, “Father’s Day” is right around the corner. Time to turn those sewing machines on and make something special for them! If you're in a pickle and can't decide on what to get for your father or if you're like me and already gifted everything you possibly could think of… I have the perfect solution for you! There is nothing more special than making a handmade gift that your father will never forget.  I narrowed it down to four types: the traveler, the businessman, the stylish one, and the chef. So I searched long and far through our lookbooks, to find the most fitting gift for your father.

i. For the Traveler

This Travel Bag is perfect for any dads out there that are always on the go. Big enough to fit their essentials but small enough to fit in a suitcase for a trip. It also has compartments inside to keep any small items in its place.

Collection: Mediterraneo by Katarina Roccella

ii. For the Business Man


This Money Clip wallet is for any dad going to work and needs a thin wallet to put in their pocket. It has a slim and stylish design that any dad will enjoy! Simple enough for the everyday wear.

Collection: Mad Plaid by AGF




iii. For the Stylish One

For all dads that really love wearing stylish clothes, here’s a great button-up shirt for any casual occasion! With a bold yellow pocket, this shirt is great for those who want a pop of color.

Collection: Day Trip by Dana Willard

Day Trip Man Shirt 3

iv. For The Chef

Calling all Chefs! We have the best gift for those who love to show off in the kitchen. Keep your dad nice and clean from the BBQ with this Apron-- especially if he’s a messy cook!

Collection: Denim Studio


I hope everyone has a beautiful day with their fathers! Every year my dad and I BBQ together, so that apron will be great for him. If you have any traditions that you do on Father’s day, please share in the comments below! As well as, any projects you create with our fabrics, use the hashtag #ArtGalleryFabrics to share the love.


Happy Father’s Day!