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Exotic Jungle Escape with Boscage Fabrics by Katarina Roccella

Boscage_banner copy

Welcome to the jungle!! Did anyone else hear Axl Rose’s voice in their head? Haha! What a good song to introduce you to Katarina Roccella’s latest fabric collection, BOSCAGE! This fabric collection is quite exciting and a little different from our past releases because it only comes in one colorway and LOTS of substrates. Looking at these fabrics in real life, you can see why there are so many substrates, and it’s because they are quite iconic and bold!  Your fabric-loving hearts are going to skip a beat with the 12 quilting cotton prints, 2 knits, 4 rayons, and 1 canvas print that is meant for apparel, quilts, home decor- anything, you name it! 


Hashtag copy*Available in 12 quilting cotton prints


Every collection has a story and this one came to life by Katarina dreaming about a tropical paradise! Her mother was a ceramic pottery artist and collected many books featuring nature that she used for her work, and her mother has a book called Borneo that served as Katarina’s base inspiration for her fabric designs.

Boscage_Fabric(22) BLOG*Knit prints in Feral Essence Tan & Wandering Leopards Sea

Boscage_Fabric(21) BLOG*Rayon prints in Lush Rainforest, Feral Essence Tan, Palm Paradise, and Camouflaged Ocean

With this lookbook release, it was so refreshing to see so many garment makers show off their skills! 7 talented sewists created the most stunning dresses, and you’ll be able to find a fresh pattern for each and every knit & rayon print available. These fun textures and animal prints are timeless, making them ideal for any occasion. 

Boscage_Fabric(23)*Canvas print in Pua Sunset


You are not dreaming! There really is a Canvas print available!! I remember the first time I touched our canvas, I was instantly surprised by the softness and lightness of it. It didn't feel like your typical rough and heavy material that often comes to mind when you think of this substrate. AGF Canvas fabric is sturdy enough for structured projects yet soft enough for apparel, too. 

Boscage_Fabric(15) BLOG

Complete your patchwork projects with some matching AGF Elements

PURE Solids: Nocturnal, Night Sea, Tile Blue, Zambia Stone, Jade Cream, Dark Citron, Coral Reef, Flamingo, and Aurora Red.

Nature Elements: Cyclamen

Floral Elements: Esmeralda

Oval Elements: Deep Bayou

AGF Denim: Cool Foliage, Adobe Clay, and Indigo Shadow. 

Download our “Hibiscus” free quilt pattern that shows off these exotic fabrics!


Flip through the pages of our “Boscage Fabric Lookbook” below that will show you a variety of sewing projects that you can recreate! This lookbook was made to open your eyes to new ways to piece together these fabrics.  


Escape to the exotic island of Borneo through painted prints of beautiful wildlife and lush jungle vegetation in Katarina Roccella’s “Boscage” fabric collection. Watch the fierce leopards and vivid parrots come to LIFE right through your screen in our “Let’s Talk Fabric” YouTube segment! 


See Boscage in action

Discover matching blenders

Take a closer look at prints & scale

Preview tropical-inspired projects

Click play and enjoy our fabrics come to life through a high-definition lens! 


Stay on the lookout for the giveaway hosted on our Instagram page! Make sure you follow us and turn on the notifications so you can get the chance to win a fat quarter bundle of these prints. Plus, you might want to stick around, we will be showing tons of projects and fabric inspiration through the week with Boscage fabrics! We’d love to see what you make too, so make sure to tag us on social media and use the hashtag #AGFBoscage. Have a great weekend and...

Happy Sewing!




1960’s Summer Paradise with Sunburst Fabrics

Sunburst_banner copy

My favorite season of the year is Summer so when I see bright and colorful fabric prints, I automatically get excited! Today’s Lookbook release is a special one because it’s our collection called Sunburst, that just transports you into a 1960’s mid-summer paradise. All the designs just make you want to sit by the poolside and soak up some rays like the print “Fun in the Sun Chill” which is the one featuring the ladies laying on towels, the fresh lemons, and the beach balls! I can already see so many summer projects being made that just call for these fabrics like tote bags, sunglasses covers, hats, picnic blankets- pretty much every essential you might need the next time you’re on vacation. 

Blog Collage Mood Board copySometimes it can be hard to explain in words what we envisioned for a collection! So above you’ll find a collage capturing the mood and color palette that will get you inspired! With just a couple of words, here is what Sunburst is all about: Poolside, retro, fun, bright. I feel like if this collection would be a song it would be The Beach Boys- “Good Vibrations,” you can hear it too, right? hehe.

Hashtag copy*Available in 16 quilting cotton prints

Imagine all the dazzling summer projects you can make with all the prints from our Sunburst collection! Almost every print comes in a different colorway, which only means more fabric combinations and more fun.

Sunburst_Fabric(13) BLOG*Knit prints in Strawberry Lemonade & Fun In The Sun Warm

There are also two available knit prints so you can create tons of cute breezy apparel! If you haven’t felt our knits before, you’ll love how cozy yet breathable it is for the summertime. It is just waiting for you to cut into it so you can transform it into dresses, cover-ups, and more! 

Sunburst_Fabric(12) BLOG

Is a patchwork project really complete without some matching AGF Elements?! Here are some of our picks that go perfectly with Sunburst. 

PURE Solids: Fresh Water, Maldives, Tile Blue, Mediterraneo, Turmeric, Mandarin, Tigerlily, Sweet Pink, and Grapefruit. 

Squared Elements: Cyan, Cielo, and Rosewater.

AGF Denim: Endless Paradise & Rose Feather. 

Create a dazzling quilt like our “Fun ‘n Sun” free quilt pattern that shows off these cheery fabrics!


Find tons of projects in our Lookbook that will show you new ways to piece together these fabrics and inspire you to get on your sewing machine. Discover tons of summer projects, like quilts, sunglass cases, home decor, and even accessories with all the prints from our collection!

Bring in a 1960’s mid-summer paradise right into your home by going FULL SCREEN in our latest YouTube Segment “Let’s Talk Fabric,” where we show you the bright, retro prints of our Sunburst fabric collection! 

  • See Sunburst in action
  • Discover matching blenders
  • Take a closer look at prints & scale
  • Preview projects

Click play and watch our fabrics come to life through a high-definition lens! 


Get your hands on this essential summer collection and enter for a chance to win a Fat Quarter bundle of Sunburst by CLICKING HERE! It’s so simple to enter, all you need is an email that you can fill in. The giveaway ends on Wednesday, June 16, and the winner will be emailed and announced right here on the blog. 

Fabric Giveaway

*Please reply within 7 days to claim your prize (check your email on June 16!) If we don’t receive a reply, we will have to choose another winner as we’d like to be fair with all participants, and pass the opportunity to another contestant. Thank you! 


If you have this collection and you want to share your creations, make sure to tag us on social media and use the hashtag #AGFSunburst, so we can share the love! I hope your summer is filled with relaxing moments and pretty fabrics! Thank you for coming along on this journey with me, and let me know what you’re looking forward to sewing with this collection in the comments below. 


Happy Sewing!


Handmade Gifts for Dad

Hello, Makers!

I'd like to start this day on a good note so it sets the tone for the rest of the week! It’s been a busy month especially after finishing up Mother’s Day projects, but now that Father’s Day is around the corner, it’s time to get those sewing machines running to make them feel extra special this year with the perfect gift, and what’s more thoughtful than a handmade one? Check out some of my favorite curated projects that are ideal for this special day! From quilts to fast and easy projects like the popular bucket hats, I’m sure you will find the one that makes your quilty hearts skip a beat. 

Our "Wilderness" free quilt pattern was a smashing hit on social media, and if your dad loves the outdoors, we are sure he will love it too! Combining wanderlust vibes from our "Little Forester Fusion" fabrics and simple half-square triangles is all it takes to create this beauty. 

Little Forester Mockups (14)Featuring Little Forester Fusion by AGF Studio


Check out our free quilt pattern called “Gea”,  with a whopping size of 96 x 116-inches! Featuring Katarina Roccella’s collection “Earthen” which is filled with varieties of textures and soft colors that would be ideal for any room. 

Earthen_Quilt-FREE_5_newFeaturing Earthen by Katarina Roccella



For the next quilt feature, I want to give a special shoutout to Carolina Moore our AGF Sewcialite, who created this “Gallery Wall” quilt for Maureen Cracknell’s collection, “Enchanted Voyage”! This collection is great for any dad that loves the ocean, and this quilt gives a lot of opportunities to frame his favorite prints. 

Enchanted Voyage Carolina Moore 1Featuring Enchanted Voyage by Maureen Cracknell



The last quilt that I think would be a great gift for dad is the “Bracken Quilt” made by Julia Wachs since it’s filled with exciting colors from our Decostitch Elements! An ideal make to show off gradients of color, plus this pattern is a great introduction to foundation paper piecing.

Decostitch Julia Walchs 1Featuring Decostitch Elements by AGF Studio


We all have busy lives, so here are some bonus projects in case you run out of time!

If you have a dad like me, he likes to change out his wallet almost every year. This project is super easy to make and it’s the next one on my sewing list for Father’s Day! 

Enchanted Voyage Wallet 1 copyFeaturing Enchanted Voyage by Maureen Cracknell


Bucket hats are trending! So make one for your dad to keep him in style. Summer is pretty much here, so these are perfect for him to wear whenever he’s cutting the lawn, out on the beach, or even on a walk! 

Little Forester101Featuring Little Forester Fusion by AGF



Every explorer needs a fanny pack! Fit all their traveling essentials, like keys, phone, wallet, and all kinds of things for their next journey. 

Enchanted Voyage Fanny Pack 5

Featuring Enchanted Voyage by Maureen Cracknell 


Bonus project!! You can't go wrong with gifting a tie, but let's just turn it up a notch by making it HANDMADE. Make your father smile while having a rough day at work with your handmade gift that they can look at all day. Have fun picking your favorite nautical print from Maureen Cracknell's collection, "Enchanted Voyage"!
Enchanted Voyage Shirt & Ties 6

Featuring Enchanted Voyage by Maureen Cracknell 


I hope everyone has a lovely Father's Day and that you can find some time in your craft rooms to make these wonderful handmade gifts. I would love to see if you make any of these projects for them on social media, just make sure to tag us by using the hashtag #artgalleryfabrics


Happy Father’s Day!