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Told you...... Same place, today.

I am very happy to announce the first give away of my company!! Or, let's say it this way: my first give away as a designer!! 

It's kind of funny when I have to talk about me or my company. Confusing?? Well, as some of you may know (and for the ones who doesn't know it), I am one of the few in this industry that is the owner of a textile company and designer of all the fabric lines at the same time. Did you arrive at the same conclusion that I do every day? LOTS OF WORK!! :) Another conclusion? TOTAL FREEDOM!! The most obvious conclusion? THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!! I loooooove what I do and everyday I get up convinced that I was born for this... 


As I told you yesterday, I wanted this give away to be very exciting. That's why I am giving two 50 FAT QUARTER BUNDLES prizes.


Oh, yes! My babies will be so happy to find a new home and be along with other fabrics in the stash of the new owners....


Remember I told you yesterday to be ready to laugh??

I have a question for you and the two most funny answers will win:


I am sure many of you will have a great time and laugh when reading all the comments.

Please be sure to include your email address in your comment so, if you win, the babies can go home with you...

I will live comments/answers open until March 12, so be sure to post your answer before that date to win!



And this is just my first give away... I have many more coming up!

So subscribe, subscribe, subscribe to my blog to be the first one to know about more free fabric, free patterns, random cash prizes and many more cool and inspiring ideas (like video tutorials) that I will put here in the coming months....

You see, I want everybody to know ART GALLERY Fabrics and experience (like all sewers and quilters say) the pleasure to sew on my premium quality cotton brand.

Now, I think I wrote enough; so now it's your turn. So give me your best answers!


Handmade rocks... So keep on stitching!




Tomorrow is the day!

I wanted to make my first give-away very exciting and thought that a BIG bundle (50 fat quarters) of fabrics will do it... No! not one, but two winners will be receiving my gift.

Stick around, cause tomorrow I'll ask a question that will make you win and laugh at the same time. The two funniest answers will be picked and each will get one giant bundle!!

So don't forget: tomorrow... same place...


Handmade rocks!   so keep on stitching....



I'm super excited, happy, proud and --in this very moment-- having a delirium!!!

I want to introduce to you my new baby, REVIVE.......

Flyer revive jpg 

Flyer revive jpg2 

Well, what was I thinking when I designed this collection??

Rest, rest, and rest your mind... Put your body in tune with your mind at the same time; so rest your body too. :)

In most of the designs for this group, I wanted to re-create or "revive" prints from beautiful spas located in European hotels, that I was studying for some time. Old prints, new prints... Kind of wired, right?? Well, I love those designs, and I love them all!

Revive bolts 2 

I tried to use all the blue in the world; soft, calming blue, pacific blue, turquoise, pastel blue, deep Prussian blue as you can see in the Sapphire Palette. 


Revive bolts 

Purple, a very transmuting color. Many variations, but very soft and dusty. To warm it up a little bit some brown; very dry, grayish, not a hint of red in it. And creamy white, to give it luminescence. Here is the Amethyst Palette.


Revive flowervase 2 

I really hope that these fabrics can inspire some of you. There is a lot of work put into each one; my soul is imprinted here. Because I think a nice print can say it all, you can concentrate in simple sewing and quilting projects and really enjoy the process and the result. Sewing is so pleasant! 

For those of you who love free patterns you can download one I've designed from here or from my website. This very simple quilt project is made only with strips!

Revive flowervase 

I can see these designs already in handbags (lots of different models!!), casual dresses and tops, baby bedding; also in all the Home-Dec items you can imagine. OH! I just remembered, I am already working with some Etsy designers who help me with sample sewing alongside with me --I have so many projects in my mind!!

The fabrics have been flying to the stores since last week. Give shops some days to open boxes and put them on the shelves --as well as list them online; so whenever you have chance to buy them, don't forget to send me all pictures with creations you have made, so I can display them in my Flickr group. If you want to post them, you are welcome to do so going to Art Gallery Fabrics Flickr pool.

Where to buy them? You can go to your local quilt store. Here is a list state by state. If you want to buy them online, here is another link.

Revive flowervase 3 

All your opinions and comments are welcome, so feel free to post them!


And don't forget:

Stay tuned for the first Art Gallery Fabrics GIVE-AWAY! How about a stack of 50 FAT QUARTERS of my fabric collections for some of you? Subscribe to my feed to receive more details soon...


Handmade Rocks... So keep on Stitching!



Hello there... 
Following on my visits to Etsy, I yesterday went on a search for "Patricia Bravo fabrics". Let me say that WOW! there are so many beautiful goodies out there made by so many creative hands!! 
The great thing about Etsy is that you can find everything you look for in the same place -- clothing, jewlery, home decor items, gifts, and more, with very affordable prices (who could ask for a better deal?) It's a very secure site, so have peace of mind when you go shopping here.
Without further ado, Check em out! :)
Thirtyone13 Designs made this little Gadget Case with French Riviera Fabrics
Keeta Collection has this adorable set for the kitchen!

The almost everything wallet by Little Ellie

The Abbey bag with changing pad in "Dashing Roses Collection" by Grandpa's Rags & BagsAbbeybag
Artsy Clutch in French Riviera by Lazy Face Studios

 The Bliss Tote by Bagel Creations in fabrics from Amy Butler, Sandi Henderson and one of my "Gypsy Glitter" fabrics!

"Alhambra" bag by Plumtickled

Pretty Bleated Bag in my "French Riviera Collection" by Hoot n' Annie
Pleated tote

Adorable clutch purse with "Alhambra Collection" by Bozontee

Art Gallery Crazy Patch Quilt by Quiltville

Thank you all for these ideas and creations!
P.S. FYI - I didn't get paid to show these products, nor I promote any designer. Just to share with you...
*Tune in later for a special surprise I have for ya all!*
Handmade rocks... so keep on stitchng!!


Hey girls, I was preparing this little something for you!

I know many of you were asking at Quilt Market and in e-mails to post on fabric design process from beginning to end. Shop owners mentioned to me that they would love to read about fabric production process; when they receive them at the stores, they can't believe how superior our fabrics are, the excellence in quality, and the amazing "hand and feel" they have. I promise that for a future post.

I like to share my design process with you (and, shh! some "secrets" too...); so there I go:

The drawing depends on what kind of collection I imagine. Sometimes I start drawing on my own -like the picture below, let's say not having anything in particular in my mind-, and sometimes something triggers my inspiration, like a picture, a book, a dress, or what I see on the street.

This is a random drawing that I was making recently

072 (2)

I scan it first.

New Drawings1   

Then, I transfer it to Illustrator, and the fun begins!! :)


When I choose colors, it's very important that the palette reflects the "theme" of the collection, so when I see the screen, some colors start "to vibrate" inside me.

It's a long process, and sometimes I remove parts and then make a complete design, to discard it later because it does not fit the mood of the rest of the other fabrics.

Here is a picture of some designs I have discarded and may later use or change for another collection. I save it in a special folder in my computer, that you are now seeing... Remember the one my son was preparing secretly for me?? That one!


The finished design with all the colors came up like this:


I know, I know... the picture is not the best, right? OK, promise to take better ones in the future!

Because you asked for it, there will be more of these posts in the future. Check at the DESIGN category soon!! :)

A lot of work, ah? But, you know what? I really enjoy it!

I would love to keep sharing my "secrets" with you... What do you want to me write about for next time?

Handmade rocks... so keep on stitching!