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As you all know, I have been planning on having another give-away for quite a while now, but I wanted to wait for a special occasion... So here it is, for all those soon to be mommies, new mommies, or more experienced mommies... this is your time to get pampered by me. So once again, I'm giving away some of my babies! 


This time there will be 6 lucky winners and each will get 40 (forty) 6 1/2" squares in an assortment of all my collections, just to play and have pure fun...

So here's the deal, just share with me and other readers...


I am pretty sure you all have wonderful plans.
So I guess you are wondering, who wins? Oh well, since I struggled sooo much choosing the winners for my last give-away, I'm leaving it to chance (and I'm sure this will not be any different- you have so many great stories!!!). I will choose six RANDOM winners, so.... GOOD LUCK!



You have until MOTHER'S DAY (Sunday May 10th) midnight to post your comment.... Meanwhile, I will be getting your fabric squares ready (that together with a trillion other things I have to do for Quilt Market!). Be sure to include your e-mail address to contact you...

I have a lot more coming up, so don't forget to subscribe (if you are not family yet, of course) to get a jump on future give-aways and much more.

By the way, stay tuned for the third sneak peak. The name? SPELLBOUND.

Handmade rocks...   So let's keep on stitching!


OMG! I can't believe I didn't post in 12 days! But I feel confident that, because of the date -2 weeks to Quilt Market-, you won't be mad at me. It's incredible how days are flying and still I have SO many things to prepare....

I specially want to thank you all the beautiful comments I got about GIRLY GIRL!! They were awesome, and I was delighted how you took sides on the color ways...LOL

In my last post I wanted to show you one of the new collections. This second one came by quilters and shop owners' request: ALHAMBRA II. Remember how popular was the first version? Well, I loved doing this second one, where I took the best prints of ALHAMBRA I and added new ones with curvy lines, something retro and vintage, in two new color ways that inspired me very much...

This is the SKY color way: 

Alhambra Sky range 

Different shades of blue, turquoise, fresh green, lavender, lime and a hint of sunny yellow

Alhambra Sky Close up1 

Alhambra Sky Close Up2 

And this is the GARDEN color way that compliments the first one

Alhambra Garden Range 

Shades of magenta, purple, fresh green, turquoise and sparkling lime

Alhambra Garden Close Up1 

Alhambra Garden Close Up2 

For ALHAMBRA fans, soon you will be enjoying again with these prints and make new quilts, Home Dec goodies and clothing beauties. It will be getting down to shops this coming fall. 

Which one do you like the best? Are you in a sky or a garden mood? I would love to read your comments!!

Our reps are visiting shops and pre-selling right now. If you are a store and want to pre-order this collection, call your rep or -if you don't have one-, visit our website ART GALLERY FABRICS, and send us an e-mail.

I didn't forget about my next GIVE-AWAY!! I promise is coming but, sometimes, time is a tyrant....


Handmade rocks...   so let's keep on stitching!



My new babies have arrived!!! (picture me jumping up and down like a little girl....)

Here is a sneak peak of one of my newest collections to be debuting at Pittsburgh Market this coming May: GIRLY GIRL

I wanted to let you know you are the first ones to see this pictures. You, my dear readers, deserve this privilege; and you will be making the first reviews. I'm prepared to read all of them, so don't forget to share your comments at the bottom of the post!!

Cool Girl5web 

This is a fabric line very dear to my heart. Why? Well, God did not give me the privilege to have a daughter, and I have always dreamed how nice it would be to sew beautiful and girly dresses for her. I want all the moms in the world who have girls can do so. I am very proud of these prints and hope you can make the most cool and charming clothing and accessories with them!!

Cool Girl1web 

I can't wait to see all your GIRLY GIRL creations!!

I designed this line in 2 color ways: this one you are seeing now is called COOL GIRL.

Can you see your girl's room filled with pillows, curtains and a mod quilt on her bed?

Cool Girl4web 

I confess that I designed these fabrics with sewing in mind, but I was also working on some quilt patterns that will be available for free; so sweet that they are to dye for!! Soon will be released on my company website.

Sweet Girl4web 

This is the other color way: SWEET GIRL

I imagined it more mellow, with softer colors; but it has a twist with turquoise....

Sweet Girl2web 

I can already picture in my mind tons of clothing and home decor items for babies and toddlers....

Sweet Girl1web 

I am happy, happy, happy!!

Well, this is just a small preview. At this moment we are pre-selling across the country but stores will be able to see the full debut at Market. 

If you are a retailer and want to carry GIRLY GIRL, please call or e-mail our rep in your area to pre-order.


In the coming posts I will be showing you my other 3 new fabric lines for Market so be sure to visit me again to see another sneak peak!!


Handmade rocks....  so let's keep on stitching!!



You may already know that I feel fascinated with curves. They have a special appeal to me...

IMG_1651 web  

I not only use them when I design fabric (curved lines and shapes), but also for my quilt patterns. While some designers take advantage of its magic and beauty, I think they are not fully exploited. Why?? Fear... Quilters think it's too difficult to piece a curved block, that takes time, that they need an acrylic template, and they will not get perfect results every time.

Curved block web 

"Feeling Good" made with FEELINGS Fabrics

Well, I used to think like that long time ago, but because my desire for a curved block was soooo big, I tried to come up with a different method that ensured me easiness, perfection every time, and to be fun!!

"CURVED SEAMS 101" (click on the link to open it) is a tutorial where I explain this technique I have developed, and includes all the tips and hints I collected in my pursue to make it perfect. You will love the step-by-step photos....


Detail of block from "Blushing Blooms" featuring DASHING ROSES Fabrics

What I like about it is that gives me a great opportunity to play with a lot of different stitches in my sewing machine and have a nice, relaxing time stitching. Not the same old same old straight stitch... If you are a beginner quilter you will find it very simple to understand, and if you already earned some medals, you will discover a new way to applique!!

Curved blockweb 

Curved stitching web 

Stitching detail from "Gipsy Bubbles" featuring GIPSY GLITTER Fabrics

Get inspired by this tutorial to make your creative juices start flowing, share it with your quilting friends... and begin to think CURVES!

IMG_1650 web 

Detail of "Petals" from my CHIC BLOOMS Fabric Collection

Did you find it useful?? Share with other readers your ideas or comments....


Handmade rocks......    so let's keep on stitching!!



I don't know how to start and I don't want it to make you sad. Maybe you don't want to know or is not of your concern. But now that I'm recovering from the initial shock and my pain is a tiny bit less, I feel the need to write about it, and to give her this space.

My mother in law, Maria Ester Sabartez, passed away last Tuesday, March 31. She lived in San Pedro, a small town 110 miles north of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Many of you know that is my native country.

Bautismo Martin 001 

Grandma and grandson

This post is to pay homage to her. She was a fighter, she loved life, and --because life was never easy to her-- she had more willing power that many people I know.

She taught me so many things in 26 years we shared together, but especially when she came to make me company for the first 4 years of my life in this country. We shared so much stitching and so much knitting back then!! Then, she moved back to Argentina; but her dedication to all of us and her lessons are countless. I don't know, but now, with each day passing, I am taking more and more into account the magnitude of things she represented to me. I am going to miss her so much...

Bautismo Martin 066 

Both of us singing 

My son Alex and my husband traveled there for her funeral and that makes me very happy, her only grandson and he could be with her at her final moments.

I don't understand why she left us so soon; she was only 62. It's going to take me a while. But what I am sure about is that she is close to Jesus, and this comforts me.

Andrea 044

I love you. Rest in peace. Amen