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How was your summer? Did you have fun? Please forgive me for not writing in a month! Well, I didn't take vacations exactly; only had some days off, enjoying the swimming pool and my son's girlfriend that spent 2 months with us. I taught her to sew, and she was doing amazing projects!

In fact I was working non-stop all summer long to bring you lots of surprises for next  Quilt Market. 1 month to go; time flies when you are having fun!

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail Bari J. Yes girls, Bari J!! LOVE her fabrics! She told me she tried my fabrics for a project and she liked them very much. What an honor! She is a great artist and designs for Windham Fabrics. I called her back to thank her and were talking about many things (her new stuff coming and mine), laughing (she is so cool and friendly!), and setting up some time to meet at Market next month. Did you have a chance to visit her blog? It's beautiful; there is an awesome apron tutorial that I recommend you! She has such a nice vibe that you feel like to read her blog for hours... Thank you Bari... :)

Big surprises around here: we received GIRLY GIRL today!! Yes!!!! We inmediatlely started shipping this afternoon. We have so many request that I think fabrics will fly off the shelves! I'm so proud of this collection...


Available in stores in 3 days!

We are having a blast here at my studio designing new projects with them! Take a look on some of them (there are more, but you have to wait until Houston):


Do you remember The Toy Box? We have it done in my new fabrics now


What about this new version of My First Playmat? Isn't it lovely?

Let me tell you a little bit more about my fabrics. I think they're an irresistible choice for babies, toddlers and kids clothing; great for our mod dresses and blouses and for all kind of accessories too! There are 9 prints made in two colorways; here is Cool Girl for all the pink girls out there...


And here is Sweet Girl, a delight for all the peaches and cream fans


The entire collection


I will soon be posting a free pattern project: "Cotton Candy". Stay tuned to download it here for FREE!


If you want to get these fabrics to start cutting and sewing right away, please visit your local quilt or sewing center. For purchasing online, click on your favorite website shop on the list located on the upper left side on this page. For additional information, visit Art Gallery Fabrics.

And... a new GIVE-AWAY with this collection very, very soon!!


Handmade rocks...    so let's keep on stitching!


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