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Keep up to date!

It made me so happy to read your comments about my latest post COLOR MODE and all the possiblities PURE ELEMENTS Collection can offer you! Thank you so much for sharing with me!!

Everyday I flip through my favorite magazines, surf a zillion blogs, run into TV ads, youtube commercials, Facebook ads... it's so much! Sometimes it can get really hard to keep up to date with everything that interests me (I want to see and read everything...), and I figure that could be the case of many of you too...

I always wanna let everyone know what Art Gallery Fabrics is up to, whether is a new pattern, fabric collection, or even a new free project... I find that newsletters are a really cool tool to do that, like a little reminder of what's new; hopefully you can get inspired by a pattern, or find that color or print that you were looking for to finish your quilt! 



Many people asked me if I send newsletters where they can read what's coming up at Art Gallery Fabrics... In fact, I do! If you didn't know about them, I invite you to start recieving up to date info!!

Are you a manufacturer or retailer? Don't worry, we have a newsletter for you too! That way you can keep up to date with all the upcoming collections and products to sell at your store, tons of free projects, and even find fresh display inspirations for your store... sounds good right?

You can sign up here and start receiving our latest news! (Remember to check the right box specifing if you are a consumer or a retailer/manufacturer)



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Color Mode.

Outside was gray and rainy all day long... but inside my studio was all about COLOR!!

I'm already on spring-summer mode, that means, my "color mode" switch is officially ON...

I want to officially introduce to you PURE ELEMENTS...

The hues are so pure and vibrant that invite your eyes to a feast with color and joy!

These colors are inspiring me to work on new and exciting projects more than ever, since I feel they add a special touch and really accentuate my patterned fabrics, what do you think?

I promise I will post some pictures of new stuff made with the solids as soon as I get the chance, I would love to inspire you, in some way, to create new beautiful things. I know sometimes we can stack up on bundles and bundles of fabric and have no idea what to do with them, so I love being able to share ideas and suggestions with you!

So today I was feeling colorful and just felt like doing a little photo-shoot with my very first PURE ELEMENTS bundle... hope you like it!




Just can't wait to get my hands on the sewing machine with these! 

Is there any project in particular you would like to see with PURE ELEMENTS? What do you have in mind? I'd love to hear from you...

Have a beautiful weekend!



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Another week, another project...

Hey everyone!

How's the winter treating you? I know I can't really complain, being in Florida and all ... but today you guys have nothing to envy about the south; it's cold, rainy, and gray, truly the perfect day to get cozy with your favorite quilt and a nice movie. 

So, if you are experiencing the same weather as me, let me brighten up your day with a brand new FREE PROJECT!  

You know when you have to go do some errands around town and need to carry the basics (say, keys, cash, cellphone, etc) but at the same time wanna travel light? Well I got the perfect project for you! Introducing : The Saddle Bag...


This cute little bag can fit the basic items you just can't leave the house without; and it is soooo easy to make! 


This one is made with the Oval Elements line for the body of the bag and Dreaming in French for the strap and lining... I put a little tassel to give it kind of a bohemian feel, but you can go for a different look and add a little brooch, button, or whatever you can think of!

SaddleBagCute, huh? The best part is that it is absolutely free to download here, so what are you waiting for? 

Click here to download the project and go to to see more sewing and quilting free projects...

Happy sewing!



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The Colorful Weekend Begins!

Happy New Year everyone!

How has everything been? Any New Year resolutions? I know its been a while since I've written to all of you, but let me tell you, it's been pretty busy around here. With the holiday, the new year, and my birthday all in the same week, everything flew by so fast! I felt as if I blinked and the first week of January had just waved goodbye. But when I opened my eyes, I got a great surprise!

I'm so excited today because I just got this in the mail!


Aren't they gorgeous?! My office is so full of color and excitement that I just couldn't wait to share it with you. It kind of felt like the holidays all over again!

But this is definitely a great way to start the year! My latest fabrics are here and I can't help but smile.

Pure Elements is just bursting with color!


Lace Elements is looking elegant as ever!


And even the newest additions to Oval and Nature Elements are brightening up my day!



And what's even better is that I'm already thinking of new ideas for patterns and quilts! Also, I've been designing again. I don't want to give away too much, but I have a feeling you're all going to love it!

Until next time, have a great and colorful weekend!




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