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Brand New Oval Colors! (+ a surprise)

Hello! I wanna thank you for your warm welcome to Lucas, he appreciates ;)

Many of you are probably familiar with my blender line Oval Elements. I really like this blender cause it can be used to make something ultra-modern but it can also be paired up with some sumptuous floral and still look cool. Each season when I come up with new collections, I try to come up with Ovals that go with them, and this time is no exception!

Discover the 6 brand new Oval Elements colors in this cute little photoshoot the girls and I did the other day (so much fun. and SO much food. you'll see why!)

This is Blue Lagoon; perfect for prints from "Bespoken" (not formally introduced yet but coming soon, you have my word)


This is Emerald Coast; quite an unusual tone on green right? I made this one to match Hyperreal Garden to perfection. 


Juicy grape is a refereshing tone of purple that matches most prints in Bespoken and also some Hyperreal Garden ones...

This is also one of the Oval I'm most excited about! Mood Indigo, are you in the mood for a new blue?

Ok. Hope you're not looking at this picture on an empty stomach lol. Prune brown, a yummy it's-not-brown-but-it's-not-purple blender that's just delicious. 

And favorite: cookies n'cream! (my favorite to shoot too, I bet you agree), and I love love love it and hey, it's black and white, goes with everything! 

We actually shot ALL the Ovals, but I won't show the pictures unless you really really want to lol! They're quite a lot. 

Do you have a favorite already? I'd love to hear! 

You know what? If you tell me which one is your favorite, you'll take it home! And not only your favorite, you'll take home a half-yard bundle with ALL SIX COLORS! How about that??

I'll announce two winners on Sept.2nd... so hurry up!

Love and good luck to you all!


ps. click here to download a full PDF with the pics&more!

And the family gets bigger...

Last June I went through one of the toughest, most painful moments I ever had to go through in my entire life. My baby Sheebo had to part. I felt like I would never be able to smile again, at least for a long time. The mere thought of bringing another dog to the family was unconceivable...

But along came Lucas.

(here modeling a fabric bow made with the Coquette collection)

Don't you just wanna grab him and squeeze him? 

The unbelievable part of the story is that, when I went to the shelter (trying to not fall in love with the impossibly cute faces staring from their cages), the lady that worked there told me somebody had left Lucas ON THE ROAD!!!! She said that a car stopped at a traffic light. Inside the car were a woman with two kids. This woman came out of the car and went back to open the trunk. She took a puppy and left him on the street. As soon as it turned out green again, she accelerated. The car behind her almost hit him! 

Can you believe that? I mean, who would actually be capable of taking this and dumping it on the side of the road like a garbage bag??


He's a gorgeous American Cocker Spaniel and he's here to stay. (It's been quite a long time since I last had to decorate the house with puppy diapers but I don't mind)

Welcome to the family Lucas! You're in for a ride =)




Giveaway Winners!

THANKS for all your awesome comments on the Hyperreal Garden Giveaway! I see that that the video inspired you guys to so many different kind of things. From gardening to getting married, lol! So here it goes, the winners who'll be taking home a 15 piece fat quarter bundle of Hyperreal Garden fabric...

Marika - (comment #19)

Linda V- (comment #83)

Congrats girls! Don't forget to contact me so I can send you your prizes. 

Thank you all for participating, have an awesome weekend and I'll talk to you on Monday!



Who wants some Hyperreal Garden fabric?

Whoever is raising their hand and going "me me meeee!" your chance is NOW! 

For the chance to win a 15 piece fat quarter bundle from my latest collection Hyperreal Garden, watch this video I posted on Friday and tell me ...what does it inspire you? It can be anything! Does it inspire you to make a fabric bookmark for your bookworm sister? Does it inspire you to take an adventurous vacation to the Amazonas? You tell me, and you may be taking home 15 fat quarters from this collection which hasn't even hit stores yet, whohoo!

And now a little reminder of what could be added to your stash...HyperrealGarden_bundle2


Two winners will be announced this Friday the 19th, so hurry up guys!

Good luck to you all and don't forget to watch the video full screen to get a real Hyperreal experience!



Hyperreal Experience

It's that time of the year again when a new collection finally comes in! Months of work (or blood, sweat, tears, should I say?) finally translate into yards of soft beautiful fabric in which I just wanna wrap myself in (swear to God I don't really do that... unless nobody's watchin').

This time is Hyperreal Garden, a collection inspired by mysterious forests and surreal dreams... Think Alice in Wonderland meets Tim Burton meets Salvador Dali. Only with a lot more pink in it lol. Well maybe it's not that crazy! I guess this video will explain it better than me. Ladies and gents, this is Hyperreal Garden!

I recommend watching it full screen to live the full Hyperreal Experience ;)

I love how the prints work together in perfect harmony! Did you pick your favorites? 

HG will be hitting stores and online shops next week so you'll be able to put your hands on it soon!!!! 

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend, I'll leave you with some close-ups from the actual fabric as well as some products we've been making with it so you can start thinking about new projects...


Laura is wearing a short Boho dress made with the Op Art print. (Ok, how cool are her shoes??)

Do you recognize this bag? If you said "Capri", you're absolutely right.

This Maxi Dress in Lush Foliage is to die for!

This is a work-in-progress table runner we're making for the upcoming trunk show...

And finally the Milano Bag in the Euhporia right? (Ok. Still obsessed with the pink shoes!)

Any ideas already? Do tell! Click here to see the swatches for the entire collection!



Turquoise Inspiration

Hello everyone!

I know it's been a while since I have written, but it's that time of year when my mind starts dreaming and those dreams become reality. In other words, I'm designing again! And today I'm in a turquoise mood!

I know you're probably thinking, "But Pat, where's the pinks and purples?!" Don't worry! I haven't forgotten them. Today is just a turquoise day for me. Plus, I just love the way it goes great with pink! LOL

So, here's a little inspiration for all of you who are feeling the sweetness and freshness of turquoise :)
















So cool and soothing for summer!

Have a beautiful weekend!