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Sneak Peek!

PS. It's 8:45 PM now and I'm finishing some things here at the studio, but I can't leave without showing you a sneak peek of my new collection as I promised before. I'm thrilled to introduce to you SUMMERLOVE!


I'm in love with SUMMERLOVE! As soon as we come back from Houston, I'll show you the complete line and share my inspiration as well as pictures of the strike-offs (no advance yardage yet). How Vingage-California-70's mood came to inspire me? It's really a "dream come true"...




It's showtime! (+ GIVEAWAY ALERT!)


I'm incredibly excited about Quilt Market this weekend. Of course I'm sort of hyperventilating right now and can't even put food in my stomach but I'll be alright, haha! I'll be alright once I'm there and the booths and my showroom are all set up with no major complications... fingers crossed on that one, haha. 

But oh well it's time for Fall Market again and I can't wait to show everything I've been up to and everything Art Gallery Fabrics has to show! Wish I could leave you with a little sneak peek. Maybe I will... check back later ;)

Alright so for those who'll be there, come stop by booths #2345,2347 and 2244 and say hi!

I also have my showroom at booths #2344 and 2346 and I wanna see you all there!

And for those of you who unfortunately aren't coming, I'll post all the scoop when I get back so you won't miss out on anything...

Even though I'm not sure if I should reveal my newest collection (the one I'm presenting in Houston), I WILL give you a little somethin' somethin'! This is the ad we did for the Guide... what do you think?


Hope you like it! And look forward to seeing you and hugging you and get my picture taken with you hahah! See you there!



OH! and before I go, I must ask: do you like the fabrics in the quilt? Hope you do cause you can actually WIN SOME! Just go to the True Up blog, where the lovely Kim is hosting a giveaway with my Modernology collection... hurry up! and good luck!




Help me to help Project Linus!


A few days ago I put this picture on my Facebook page wall and I asked my fans what should I do with all these scraps. OMG! What soulful ideas you gave me! You filled my heart with love and emotion! God bless you! Most of them were related with charity, and some were the usual give away wishes (that I don't discard but will make later). 

I am very excited for the love thinking about all the charitable projects that could be made with these fabrics ... And I asked: Would you help me to sew quilts and donate them to charity? How about I send you the fabric and each one of us make one (me included)? Any ideas of who should we help? My son had cancer years ago and I'd love to help my local hospital, but I want to read your suggestions... All of you that are interested are welcome to participate, so drop me an email. After finishing, you can share some pictures here on my wall! So let me know your ideas!

The response was amazing. My inbox got many addresses! But... you know what? I need many more addresses!! That's why I'm writing this post. I need your collaboration!! 

The other question was who would be in more need of receiving them? The majority of responses were: Children!! 

Some ladies wrote Project LINUS. I knew them, but I was reading more carefully about this organization and I think we should help all these children that are in need. This "mission of love" is so precious and has touched the bottom of my heart even more.

So please help me and let's each one of us make a quilt! I think a throw size would be perfect, and the designs can be as simple or as complex as you want. Kids will love them all!! I'll be in contact with Stephanie who is the coordinator of the Miami Chapter, to arrange the delivery. Any advice from you on how to make this project better will be grately appreciated. 

Share, share, share! Tell your all your sewing quilting about it, post it in your FB wall, blog it!!! ALL YOUR HANDS ARE WELCOME :) Send me your US mailing addresses by email (at [email protected]) and I will start sending you fabric!

My heart is filled with much joy and my soul with much love... Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the emails you already sent me wanting to help. Hope to have many more!!


All my love, Pat

Art Gallery Fabrics presents: BESPOKEN.

Hey, how was the weekend everyone?

I took some nice R&R, even though the constant rain didn't really allow me to do anything outdoorsy...but oh well, staying at home, cuddling up with a good book and spending quality time with the family and the dogs it's just what I needed. Alex took the time to replenish my IPhone with fresh new music, and I'm loving his tunes :) 

Well it's that time of the year again when Houston's Quilt Market is right around the corner and it's time to present to everyone what I've been up to all these months. Yeah. Nerve-racking. Still looking forward to it though! I LOVE Houston Quilt Market. But before I start talking about the new lines for the upcoming show, there's still stuff you haven't seen (I'm very behind in announcements). Like for example, Art Gallery's latest in-house collection: BESPOKEN.


Bespoken is a colorful fusion of vintage florals and retro prints with an English flair...


This is the FRESH COUTURE palette... all about turquoise, mint green and luscious purples... 


And the LUSH COUTURE palette... with gorgeous pinks and coral tones... what do you think?

And now, a bunch of products we've been making at the studio:



Gotta love some pillows!


And how about this throw? 



I ADORE this dress! I could totally see it on a runway, don't you think?


That's the GODDESS DRESS... possible pattern (?) maybe!


This dress is just so much fun. How do you feel about the solid ruffles??


The Essential Tote made with the Fashion Mood and Sequins prints...


And finally an uber-cute pin cushion!

So as you can see this is a pretty versatile collection, very bold in color and strong enough to make a statement with your stitchery... any ideas yet? Like to know, like to know!!! :)

Hope you like this collection as much as we at AGF do!

Bespoken is out now at your favorite local store and online yayyyy!



Back to the East Coast.

Wow. That's basically the word that sums up my trip to Los Angeles. From the crowded downtown streets, to the gorgeous shopping district in Santa Monica with its flawlessly dressed people, everything was just Wow. And please do not get me started on the weather. Yeah, I know the Miami weather is not really something to complain about, but California weather is PER-FECT! Can you imagine a life without hair frizz? 

Aaaaanywho, the first day we got there we didn't have to do anything show-related so me and the girls went out shopping in Santa Monica... well, not a lot of actual shopping was done, more like "window shopping" but oh well. Still fabulous! 



Ok this store was amazing. Period.


Brandy Melville is the name of this super cute store. Think california surfer girl meets Anthropologie. Gorgeous!


Then it was time to get down to business.


At l.a textile they make this thing called the "trend forum", which consists of inspirational visuals from the fall 2012 trends; fabrics, notions, pictures and pure awesomeness. They do this so designers can immediately understand what the upcoming trends are, and what kind of fabrics they should use... and guess what?? I spotted quite a lot of my fabrics in the pack! Biggest honor ever.





Can you recognize some Bazaar Style, Hyperreal Garden and Bespoken? And the tribal print from Bohemian Soul? Woohoo!



 I love me some shoes.


How do you like our brochure?? 


The girls made this gorgeous caftan dress using our new voile! Wish you could touch the picture and feel the softness lol. 


We made these cool dreamboards to create different moods;and also made one board for each of the Fall 2012 trends. There were a headache to make but totally worth it!










Just a girl with really cool hair haha.


And me in one of my favorite tops which my husband totally hates, haha! What side are you on? 

L.A I'll miss you! hope to be back there soon... like, very soon. 

Whoa those were a lot of pics! Alright you guys have an amazing weekend, I'll be back on Monday with new fabric goodness yum!



Going crazy for LA Fashion!

For the past couple of weeks I have been extremely busy having 22 hour workdays. Yes, no sleep and a lot of stress, but at the end I know it will all pay off. My amazing team and I are going to the LA Textile Show this weekend for the first time! We are extremely excited and super stressed, all at the same time! We will be located at Penthouse A-Wing & B-Wing, Booth #2001. I would love to show you all my new collections designed for fashion! If you are planning to go to LA textile, don't be shy! Come by and say hi!

In case you did not know I'm introducing a new substrate, VOILE! Yes, we are moving into fashion! I am super excited! Moving into a different industry is one of the biggest steps I have ever made in my career. Every step you make in life means change and challenge, but I love challenges and the passion that drives me makes that everything work out for the best.

And yes... don't worry, these fabrics will be available for the quilting industry too, so I'll be showing them at Quilt Market...

Now you have an idea at how hectic my life is right now. Between my new fabrics collections, new quilting patterns, new kits with the new fabrics, the LA textile Show, Quilt Market in Texas, photo-shoots and much more, I'm surprised I don't have fumes coming out of my ears! Someone once asked me, "How do you do it all?" My answer.. "I simply Love what I do"!

Since this is our first time going to LA Textile, I thought it would be a great idea to give you all a sneak peek at what we're going to be showing...

Hmmm... I wonder what can that be?!?!

What's going on here?!? ... I don't know :)

Here's Vicky having a blast. She was the best team player. I have to say she was strong enough to brave the Miami heat.


Vicky came out amazing in this image. It was pretty hard to decide what picture was the best. I think we found a new super model.

I hope you enjoyed my little sneak peek at what we will be showing at LA. I promise to bring back lots of great pictures of fabrics and fabrics galore! If you decide to come, keep in mind that LA Fashion will be October 10-12 at the California Market Center. See you there :)