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Greta the Owl - A tutorial.

A little while back we gave scraps away and asked that you create something with it and share it with us. Many of you created beautiful things and we uploaded them on our Made with AGF album and one lovely fan even made a video of getting the scraps.

Today we got a lovely email from Katka Dachovska about this cute little owl named Greta and the tutorial that goes along with Greta so that you can make your own.

Katka, thank you so much for sharing this with all of our fans and we really appreciate you taking the time to make this tutorial.

So now without further adieu.. We present...

 Greta the Owl

by Katka Dachovska

Hello, my name is Kate. I am from Czech Republic (Europe) and I prepared for you short tutorial.  When I got the beautiful scraps from Art Gallery Fabrics I exactly knew what to sew! An Owl and I called it Greta.


 What you will need:

- 2 pieces of fabric (one for body and contrasting fabric for wings)

- 2 buttons

- yarn for hair

- stuffing

- pencil for textile and colours for textile

- string for hang-up

- pattern


Print Pattern and cut it. Transfer pattern to the wrong side of fabrics - 1 part for body, 1 f
or wings. Sew it. Do not forget to let opening hole for stuffing.


Cut out fabric which you do not need and trim corners - ears. Now is owl prepared to be turned into right side. Turn it. Slightly iron it -  just to have flat body and wings. It is better for next part.


Before you stuff it, I recommend - draw basic shape of face. Stuff body and close stuffing hole. Now it is time to draw face with colours. It is better to do it before hair are on the body because they are fluffy.


 When colours are dry you can sew on hair. It is very easy. Take few yarn (the same long) strings and in the middle bind them up with thread, put needle on thread and you can sew.



Turn them into right side, stuff them and close stuffing hole. Sew them on the body.

At the end add string for hanging owl.


You see, it is easy funny project. You can sew with you children, you can add felt flowers on the body or ribbon into hairs. It is up to your fantasy.


If you like my owl you can see other toys and decorations at my blog use google chrome for translating blog from czech language.

"What a Hoot!"


Thanks soooo much. We love getting tutorials so if anyone out there wants to submit anything they have done... send it on through :)

Happy Sewing and TONS of Love,

Your AGF Team