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Fat Quarter Gang - "I Just Want Your Kiss" clasp purse by I'm A Ginger Monkey


Hi! It's Katy here from I'm A GingerMonkey. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that you are ready and raring to make 2013 the best year ever. I'm sure you must all be rested and desperate for a quick project, right?


Today I'm going to show you how to make a metal frame purse. I chose to use Pat Bravo's Rock n Romance for my project. I absolutely love how the colours in this collection are a mix of grungey grays and purple and super feminine peaches. It's such a juxtaposition of colours and prints, and perfect for any fashion conscious diva. (hey - that sounds like Pat!)

You will need:

6" x 3" metal purse frame (I buy mine from here)

Strong fabric glue (I like to use gutermann HT2, it really is the best ever - but if you  can't find it locally something like UHU works well. You can buy HT2 online from here)

2 FQs of fabric - one for lining and one for the purse body (I used Rock n Romance by Pat Bravo)

FQ of lightweight batting

piping cord
something pointy like a skewer or some scissors (it will get gluey so don't use anything precious)

Print the purse template and cut it out (download here). It prints upside down - because I forgot to spin it when I was uploading. Oops - so the widest point (with the arrows going across) is the bottom.

Step 1

Cut out the template and press your fabrics well.

Fold the FQs in 2, and lay the straight edge of the template on the fold, pin and cut out 2 of the purse body, batting and lining fabrics.


Step 2

Layer the batting and purse body fabrics so that the purse fabrics and right sides together and there is a batting piece on the outside (so batting = bread, and purse fabrics are sandwich filling) and pin together - making sure you start at the little dash on the template, and finish in the same point on the other side.

Using a generous 1/4" seam, sew the 2 pieces together in the direction of the arrows. Repeat with the lining fabrics.


Step 3
Box the corners of both the purse body and the lining. You want to mark a point using a pencil or disappearing ink that is 2" across.


Step 4
Place the lining into the purse body, wrong sides together. Poke the corners into each other, and match up the edges and pin well all around the edge.


Step 5
Topstitch carefully all the way around the edge - lengthen your stitch a little and use the needle down position. Take this bit slowly, and pay extra attention to the sides as these will be visible when you're all finished.


Step 6
Glue the purse body into the frame, one side at a time. Apply a thin bead of glue to one side of the purse body, and a thin bead of glue inside the channel of one side of the frame. If you are using HT2 glue leave it for a few minutes to become tacky. 5 minutes is a perfect length of time.

** NOTE: If you are using a different brand of glue check the user instructions first to see if you need a setting time, or not. **


Once your glue is tacky (if you are using HT2) start inserting the purse body into the frame, start at the sides first, and work upwards and across to the middle top.

Use a pair of scissors or a skewer to really push the purse body into the frame. Be forceful and stuff the fabric right into that channel to make sure it sticks evenly. Work quite quickly so the glue doesn't completely dry. As you go make sure you have no puckers or uneven bits on both the lining side and outside of the purse.

Leave this side to dry for a good 10-20 minutes or so before you start on the other side and repeat step 6  just as did before.

Once you've glued you can make the bond extra strong by cutting 2 lengths of piping cord, each one 9" in length and poke it into the channel between the purse body and the frame using the scissors or skewer.

Now leave your purse to completely dry - don't be using it for a good hour!


And that's it. Once you've made one purse I bet you will make a gazillion; they make really great gifts and this 6" x 3" size is a perfect size for make up, an evening bag, for holding all that junk you gather in the bottom of your handbag - like your keys, phone, lipstick and money.

Head on over to I'm A GingerMonkey for a chance to win a bundle of Rock and Romance for yourself! As usual - you must follow AGF on your favourite social media platform to be eligible to enter (whether that's facebook, twitter, flickr or the AGF blog)


And don't forget to add any projects you made from this (and the other fabulous Art Gallery Fat Quarter Gang tutes) to the flickr group!

Til next time.. Happy Sewing


Katy & The Fat Quarter Gang