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Market Wrap-up, part duex

Market Wrap-up, Part One

Hey there!

So, we are back from Portland Spring Market 2013 and we are very excited to share with you all the great stuff that happened while we were there. As some of you know, or some of you may have experienced, this is one of the most exhausting yet some of the funnest times in the industry. 

First things first, we would love to congratulate Mrs. Pat Bravo for winning 1st place, single booth for Carnaby St.!

We loved this booth because it was a crossover from the Carnaby St. video and really took you into the mood of mod. A lot of the videos images were used throughout the booth... does that black and white wall look familiar??

All the elements in the booth were perfect and carried the 60's vibe through and through. Take a look below and check out some of the elements that really pulled this booth together... as well as Pat beaming from her win!

Now from the "Swinging London" movement we take you on a journey in the traveling caravan of Bijoux by Bari J. ...


Bari J.'s minimalistic approach to her booth design was stunning! It truely showcased perfectly the beauty of this collection and just how much you you can do with it.

Check out Bijoux's video and see where this collection led us... 

This booth may have looked simple at first glance but when you stopped and walked around you really noticed all the intricate details that is Bijoux. From delicate embroidery to small cacti plants, this booth really was a sight to behold.  

Now after you have had your fair share of traveling with this bohemian soul hop on a plane a head on over to the scandinavian side with Nordika by Jeni Baker...

Jeni's booth was filled with cute projects, beautiful quilts and even a mini George (pillow form of course.)

Nordika takes you on a trip to through the northern nordic meadows and drops you off in this sweet booth full of inspiration. The deep and moody color palette works to set the tone for this collection. 

Take a peek below at some of the beautiful projects from the booth ... 


Now that we have shown you a bit of what these wonderful ladies worked so hard for let's take a look at this sweet video they made just for you all :)


We hope that you have enjoyed PART ONE of our market re-cap. I can't wait to share with you all the rest of this eventful trip!

See you soon,

<3 AGF