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Wash & Wear Travel Pouch Tutorial


Hello! How is 2014 going so far? I always write about how time goes by rather quickly, but I mean, I feel like it was last week when I posted the Sprouts of Joy tutorial that had somewhat of a holiday theme, and now here I am with a travel-themed tutorial half-way (almost) through January. All of that said (phew!), I know that travelling is on top of the list for most of us, and even the messiest packers (rolls eyes and whistles) enjoy an organised suitcase. The purpose of this tutorial is to make the packing and unpacking experience easier on you (the traveller). This little Wash & Wear Travel Pouch, is big enough to store underwear, but I say, if you really love the idea of this for all of your garments, make a bigger one by just increasing the dimensions proportionally.

Here is what you will need:


For the front piece take pieces 1, 2 and 3 and attach them together in the order 213.

For the back piece take piece 4 and 5 and sew them together on the short side


Take piece 8 and lightly iron just one side of the double stick fusible on it, now using the template as guide cut out the word WASH and repeat the same steps with piece 9 cutting out the word WEAR.


Carefully take the paper out of the letters and place them on top of their respective colour. Make sure they are aligned and centred. Iron them on the fabric. To further secure sew 1/8” around the letters (raw edge appliqué).


Place the back piece on top of the front piece face-to-face and sew along the long edges from corner to corner 1/4" away from the edge.


Turn the piece inside out and sew a vertical line exactly at the centre grabbing both layers (this creates the separation between the clean pieces and the not-so-clean ones).


For the lining we are using pieces 6 and 7. Fold piece 6 in half and sew both of the long edges ¼” away leaving the top open, repeat the same step with piece 7.


Insert the lining into the main piece alternating the colours.


Now you are ready to add the zippers to each opening. Previous to attaching them, clean the raw edges either with a serger or with a zig-zag stitch. Open the zipper. Place it facing downwards, and with the zipper's teeth pointing down and out of the pouch, align the zipper's edge (opposite to the teeth) to the pouche's top-edge and stitch it in place 3/8" away from the edge. Repeat this step on both sides of the pouch.


This is how it would look from the side (the line in the middle is one of the side-seams):


When you are done stitching hide the edge inside of each pocket, and close the zipper. The last step is to add two pairs of clasps on the back of the pouch, close to both edges. This is optional, but it is meant to decrease the size of the pouch by half if needed. You are done!





To a more organised 2014, and lots and lots of travelling adventures.

Rock 'n Sew,