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Office Decor- Spruce up your desk at work with the "Star Spindle" Block

Hello Fabric Friends, 

Ever get bored of your work space, either at home or at work? Some times all ya need is a little pick me up and I think I have the perfect way to give your desk that make over it so badly needs. Let me introduce you to the "Star Spindle" Block that I made in my latest video for the AGF Quilt Block Collection. I made my block with AGF's NEW Capsule Collection called CraftBound! Mixed with design elements that celebrate traditional skills such as tapestries, mosaics , and stamps and embroidery, this collection is just calling my name. 

Using the corner square triangle technique and four at a time half square triangle method this block comes together in a snap! :)  View the video below and check out my neat table runner or rather desk runner design below! :)


Hope you enjoy the video below! How do  you decorate your work space? Share with me in the comments. 


Finished Block Size: 11"


I love how changing up the fabrics can make the same block look completely different! Below is my table runner design using the same block four times and then adding a 1 1/2" strip border. Now all you got to do is add a few handmade tassels and you got yourself one festive table runner!

Craft-Bound-Block--Table-RunnerHappy Sewing, 



Nursery Decor- How to Make a "Star Bright" Block

Hello Makers, 

Are you always in search for cute prints for the little's in your life? I know for me I am always on the look out for fabrics that they can grow into and not be to over the top childish! That way they can use it when they are older. AGF's new Capsule Collection called Stargazer is definitely that kind of collection. The outer space nursery theme has been trending for some time and I love how it can cater to both girls and boys. Surround your little ones with a room full of shimmering stars, happy moons, and cute animals dressed up as  astronauts!   To view the full collection click here! The collection comes with two awesome panel prints, one in quilting cotton and other other in our super comfy knit

Grab some of your favorite prints from Stargazer fabrics and join me below to whip up the "Star Bright" Block



In this tutorial we learn to make flying geese using the 8 at a time method and make flying geese using the no waste method. Have fun watching  the video below and leave me a comment if you enjoy the tutorial! 



Finished Block Size: 12" 


I mentioned in the video I wanted to make a baby quilt for my nephew so I came up with a another block in a different color way to create the quilt below! What a burst of flying geese! I really love the movement in this quilt! Do you think he is going to love it? :) 



Happy Sewing, 


Color Master Box of the Month! Midnight Ocean

Midnight Ocean color mood board

Did you know the color blue is considered a beneficial color for the body and produces a calming effect? I totally understand what they mean after seeing a bundle like this one from the “Color Master Box” in Midnight Ocean Edition. It makes me want to sit there and just pet the bundle until it speaks to me 😂. I am sure everyone needs a moment of silence when they see something beautiful, just how we would stare at the stars on a dark night. Especially now transitioning into the month of September, the nights are cooler and we can stare at all the beauty! This month, what better to choose this “Color Master Box” and this mood board that represent this transition. From white flowers that glimmer from the moonlight, starry nights, and the bold assortment of prints that compliment the deep blue color.

Let’s get these sewing machines running and start creating for the next month! With this unique tones of dark blue, take your fabric projects to the next level! All you need is one box to make a project that's perfect for the month, and you can get it in two sizes: Fat Quarters or Half yards.

Here are some projects from the lookbooks that you can make with the “Color Master Box”!

Sewing inspo

Hobo Bag #1: An everyday bag featuring the print “Blossom Swale Depth” to be the center of attention. Elevate your look by pairing this unique, decorative bag with any solid print outfit like a off-white tunic and olive-green palazzo pants. Download the pattern here.

Plenum Quilt #2:As you may know by now, we have created a new AGF Kit that comes with everything you need to sew a quilt top and it allows you to create this amazing “Plenum” kit! The kit includes a 10 piece bundle, two additional fabrics for the background, accents, and easy-to-follow instructions!


Birdie Bag #3: Using “Remembrose Dolies Dark” print to make this vintage fold-over bag for a romantic evening. Download the pattern here.

This “Color Master Box” can give you the option of using just one print or several to compliment any of your sewings designs. Although this bundle highlights the color blue, each print has distinct color palettes that make it easy to pair with other projects. For example, the print called Remembrose Dolies Dark” (print shown below, circled in red) has white, bright yellows, and a dark peaches that can help piece together other fabrics with a matching color palette.

Midnight Ocean Bundle Circled

Remember that this box is there for your convenience, and has many uses! The “Color Master Box” can keep your fabrics organized and neatly displayed for easy finding, or you can share the love, because it’s perfectly curated in a box for an easy present!

Are you a fabric lover? Have a fabric lover in your life? Find them the perfect gift in our online stores

If you create any of these lovely projects, please tag us using the hashtag #ArtGalleryFabrics and #AGFColorMaster so we can see your creations!

Happy Sewing!


New AGF Capsules: Craftbound + Stargazer Collections

Hi Makers! 

Hope August has been a productive month for you with summer vacations and back-to-school! :) I recently went on a trip to Yosemite in California, and came back flooded with so much inspiration to create new projects! Being surrounded by mountains and forests is amazing inspiration, just in case you need some! Luckily, fall and the holidays are quickly approaching..along with some other exciting events like bridal and baby showers, so I'll have plenty of good excuses to make some handmade gifts. 

Here at AGF, we’ve been working hard on crafting up sewing projects for you using our latest, bite-size CAPSULE collections - “Craftbound” and “Stargazer” by AGF Studio. In case you're new to AGF, our CAPSULE collections are made up of 10 different prints, and we usually release two of them together in a lookbook! Combining the emerging trends of “traditional artistry”  in CRAFTBOUND and “gender-neutral prints” in STARGAZER, these two  fabric collections are filled with unexpected color, texture and novelty prints that can be used in a wide array of sewing projects! 

In Craftbound, this collection celebrates traditional skills by illustrating tapestries, mosaics, stamps and embroidery, fusing them on threads printed with tones of black, white, yellow, aqua and pink. Definitely a great collection for all you boho-lovers, out there! These fabrics make me want to re-do my bedroom and wardrobe with eclectic, bohemian flair. With the slow fashion movement on the rise, this collection is great for creating unique garments like up-cycling old jean jackets with bold patchwork! CRAFTBOUND

Here's our lovely "Osceola Quilt" for you to create, click the link below for the FREE pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern


Our collection “Stargazer” celebrates a playful and imaginative journey where animal friends like cute bears gather to explore the universe, discovering friendly moons, stars, and planets in airy tones of mint and blue against deep skies. These fabrics are so darling, and instantly make me want to create a ton of "outer space" nursery project like moon pillows..maybe even a "celestial" dress, made with the "Connect The Stars" print! :) 

Stargazer Collage (1)

Here's our lovely "Lost in Space Quilt" for you to enjoy, click the link below for the FREE pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern

Stargazer_Quilt1_1 mod

For more sewing projects that include quilt, garment and home decor patterns, head over to our CAPSULES lookbook!



Now that you're all inspired by these latest capsules, here's your chance to win these two collections by signing up to our giveaway:


To enter, please fill the form below. Giveaway ends on September 4, 2018. 

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Thank you everyone who participated! :)

Must Have Sewing Supplies- What's in your Sewing Kit?

Hello Makers,

What’s in your sewing kit? Over the years my sewing supplies have grown in numbers and I reminisce back to my days as a beginner quilter and think, “WOW, if only I knew about this sewing tool when I first started quilting!”  I know for me having the right tools for the job I am trying to get done saves me from major headaches and frustration. So today I wanted to share with you a few of my must have sewing supplies! Make sure to watch the video at the end of the blog post for more great tips for beginner quilters! 


Fabric Marking Pens

Fabric Marking Pens are a game changer and I could not image not having one handy when I start a new quilting project. Friction pens are my favorite because they come in so many different colors and draw nicely onto the fabric when I need to mark my sewing lines, quilting lines or mark specific places on my project.

The pen marks are erased easily by applying the heat from your iron over it!

Small Sharp Scissors

Small Sharp Scissors are a must to have with you at all times. They are perfect for clipping your threads as you sew.

Seam Ripper

The Seam Ripper is a tool we all hate but learn to love! As much as we just want to sew everything correctly the first time around,  that always doesn’t happen... especially when you are new to sewing. So get ready to make your seam ripper your new best friend and clean to be calm and and enjoy the process. I promise once you start sewing regularly you and the seam ripper will spend less time together because like in all  crafts practice makes perfect.

Clear Acrylic Rulers

Having a few different size clear Acrylic quilting rulers will make the cutting process so much easier and pleasant.

For cutting strips our larger pieces of fabric I would recommend a long ruler at least 6 ½” x 24”.

Then I would also recommend some smaller square rulers to help with trimming or cutting squares from your strips of fabrics. I always love to have a 4 ½” and 2 ½ “square ruler near by.

Two other rulers that also come in super handy is a 2 ½” x 12 ½” ruler to help mark straight edges into your fabric. As well as a big 12” square ruler to help square up finished quilt blocks.

Flat head Pins

Glass Head Sewing Pins

When I first started quilting my eyes were opened to the giant new world of pins and all the different kinds of pins out there for all types of purposes. Two types of pins I use the most are these flower flat head head pins that are easy to find in your work and lays flat against your fabrics as you sew. I also love these crystal glass head pins because the heads are small, the needle is long and sharp and can be ironed over without melting!

Tide Pen

The last thing I make sure to have in bulk are tide pins. You may be wondering why in the world should I keep a tide pen in my sewing kit!? Well because life happens, and the last thing you want is a stain on your in progress quilt top. I always make sure to throw a tide pen in random areas in my sewing space, purse, and at work. When life happens you will be prepared! :)

Having the right supplies in your sewing kit will start your your sewing journey in the right direction. What are your "must have sewing supplies"? I would love to hear what you all can’t live without, so share in the comment below!  


Make sure to check out my new Youtube Video where I share great tips for beginner quilters and things I wish I knew or paid more attention too back when I first started quilting!


Happy Sewing,


August- Mystery Monday

Hi Makers,

One of my favorite memories as a kid was playing “I Spy” with my parents during long, road trips. For those of you who might not know, it’s a game where one person will describe a small detail of something they see, and everyone else has to try and guess first what they are looking at. My dad especially was really good at this game because he would notice something so small, and it had people in the car guessing forever! It was such a fun game, and it made the car drive a lot faster!

Mystery Monday

Here we are now, playing a better version of “I Spy”- AGF style. Welcome to another month, another Mystery Monday! A giveaway that you actually don’t know what you are getting until we reveal the winner and where you have to guess what the theme of the bundle deciphering small hints in the picture, below. Good luck at taking a guess, and make sure to follow the rules below!

Can you guess what's inside the bag?! To enter the giveaway, make sure to do the following:

  1. *Comment below with what you think is in the "mystery bag."
  2. *Fill out the form below.
  3. *Share this blog post with a friend!



Let the guessing begin!

Make sure to stay tuned to our blog for the REVEAL (next Tuesday, September 4th) of what's inside this mystery bag.


---------GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED--------- Thank you for playing! 

Put those thinking caps on and good luck!

- Jannelle